Arizona Coyotes add a Lion to the Mix

Arizona Coyotes add a Lion to the Mix

  • Coyotes offer 3-year entry deal to Leo-heavy Clayton Keller
  • Keller brings confidence with potential to be fan favorite
  • Coyotes still need to plan for streaky performances and more endurance players

The Arizona Coyotes signed 18 year old prospect Clayton Keller to 3-year, entry-level deal. After the anti-climactic trade deadline came and went, I don’t think anyone expected Arizona to do much of anything to salvage this season. But this spring time addition is kind of a fun excuse to rethink what this underdog team has up their sleeve for next season.

The Current Roster

From the ZodiacHockey lens, the biggest pain-point of the current roster is a lack of players with hard working Earth signs. I know this sounds like weird astro-speak but what it means is physical endurance and consistency are reoccurring themes in the charts of the players. Also their current line pairings are not highly compatibly with regards to luck and chemistry.

Any addition or exit of a player shifts the energy and chemistry and could move the meter. So when I heard about Keller I couldn’t help but check out what his chart brings to the table from a temperament, mental endurance and overall compatibility with the current players.

clayton-kellerAbout Clayton Keller

Keller comes with a solid track record with the BU Terriers. And according to director of player development Steve Sullivan they sense a strong potential for leadership and hockey IQ.  The reasons being reported all seem to make logical sense (Good read on Clayton Keller)

But what you may not have read about is what he brings temperament-wise.  Here’s what Clayton Keller’s astrology chart says about his personality and fit with his new team…


Clayton is a confident, borderline cocky Leo – the Lion of the Zodiac. Leos are great at off-ice leadership because they carry themselves with self-assurance. Fun, inclusive and high energy, Leos help raise the energy level of group dynamics. It’s not surprising the Coyotes Organization observed a strong sense of purpose from this 18 year old. And good management knows that players with passion inspire those around them.

More important than whether he’ll get along with his teammates is how well he can communicate with them. His Mercury is in Leo and that means when he speaks he’ll instill a sense of confidence. Keller is likely the type of center who will verbally let his line mates know what he sees as the go-to execution. His ability to follow through and take accountability regardless of outcome will quickly earn the respect of his linemates. This is a great asset for a team and particularly a Center.  This is possibly his biggest strength.


Keller’s Venus and Mars are both in moody Cancer. For a hockey player this isn’t necessarily a great thing from an execution stand point, but it does bring a lot of value to an organization. Why? Players with this temperament demonstrate extreme loyalty to their team and often become fan favorites. They have extreme gratitude for what hockey has afforded them personally, financially and emotionally and will never give up.

However, Cancer Mars are highly influenced by the Moon’s movements. Team’s with a large allocation of water sign players will struggle with consistent performances based on the game day scheduled and Moon’s placement. Keller is likely to be a player who has the potential to play out of his mind on given nights but equally have nights where he will self-implode. It’s not uncommon to see this at the NHL level. Most often these players are dubbed as “hot” or “streaky.”

The issue with Keller will be that he lacks earthy signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn depth. These are the attributes of a hard working grinder. Teams need a good % of earth signs to have the necessary endurance to overcome point deficits and to sustain wins on taxing travel/road schedules.  Arizona’s location doesn’t make road games easy for their players. Keller will likely struggle with away games.


He’s a safe grab. Young with lots of room to grow and desire to stay with his organization, he’s not going to hurt the current agenda. He has an abundance of confidence and while he will struggle with emotional ups and downs he will not give in to negativity. He’s likely to thrive most with coaches and teammates who instill a sense of structure and consistency. That said….If I was the Coyotes I’d be aggressively looking to land a few more Capricorns and Virgos sooner than later if they want to make a big impact on their regular season numbers.


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