Blues vs. Predators Game 6 — Late Game Implosion

Blues vs. Predators Game 6 — Late Game Implosion

The St. Louis Blues vs Nashville Predators Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is do or die for the Blues.  Astrologically this game starts out on fairly even footing, but late in the game – 5:12 pm EST the Moon creates a contentious angle with Neptune creating late game anxiety and lack of focus. The wheels will start to come off for some players.

Blues vs. Predators

On the whole, these two are an interesting match-up. Both teams have Earth & Fire allocations of 50%+. Teams that thrive in playoff formats and who historically win the Stanley Cup have at minimum a combined 50% Earth and Fire player percentage. These are the players that offer consistency, skill and endurance. Where these two teams deviate is their Air /Water Sign allocation.2017-Playoff-Mars-Allocation-NSH2017-Playoff-Mars-Allocation-STL

By default, the Predators have a more balanced roster. With 20% Air and 30% Water, they possess a balanced mix of players who are logical, smart and creative (Air signs) with players who are emotional, explosive and volatile (Water signs). Having more balanced temperaments allows teams like Nashville to better tolerate game days where certain planetary influences are impacting emotional and mental game play.

The Blues on the other hand, have significantly more Water sign players. These are the players who are most easily impacted by the Moon’s movements. Meaning, depending on the game day they posses the ability to transcend their game and play out of their mind, or also have the potential to implode. During the regular season these players are often thought to be “streaky.”

We saw the Predators’ balanced roster pay off against Chicago Blackhawks in Round 1 with consistent performances and little to no impact from game day lunar shifts. While the Blues had up and down performances against the Minnesota Wild, consistent with a Water Heavy team.

What Makes Today Different?

While most lunar changes primarily impact Water signs, there are some game days where even well balanced teams like the Predators are impacted. And luckily for the Blues, tonight is one of them. The catch is… this shift doesn’t happen until late in the 2nd or possibly the 3rd period (depending on the pace of game). At 5:12pm EST the Moon moves into a challenge angle with Neptune causing a few players to feel less confident and relaxed. They may start to second guess and hesitate. Also their ability to attract luck (i.e. good bounces, overlooked calls etc..) may also run out.

The Predators have several more players impacted late in the game. For the Blues this will open up a huge opportunity to take control of this game. Depending on the spread heading into the 3rd period, this game will shift to the Blues’ favor and it will be up to them to sense the Predators’ hesitation and energy shift.

Which Players will Struggle after 5:12 pm EST

5-7-2017-NSH-Favored 5-7-2017-STL-Favored


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