Bruins v. Senators – Why This Series Will Implode

Bruins v. Senators – Why This Series Will Implode

  • Bruins’ Water heavy roster doesn’t make this easy
  • Sens have a chance if they take advantage of Tukka’s meltdown days
  • This could go seven  games and be surprisingly fun to watch

I say this all the time — game day and time radically impact how a team performs. Why? Because every day there are astrological energy shifts that trickle down and influence individual performance, line chemistry and the physical energy of a team. Some teams are impacted more than others. The Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins are distinctly different in their astrological composition.


When we’re talking Playoffs, the most important factors we analyze are the placement of Mars in each player’s chart and how they work together as a team. Mars is indicative of how athletes perform under war-like or must-win conditions.

On paper, the Senators have a much more traditional allocation, balanced across key Earth and Fire attributes. This is good. Really good. Historically Stanley Cup wining rosters have a Fire and Earth allocation above 60%.  That said, even if your temperament is balanced, your raw talent may not be enough to beat a highly emotional team who has the potential to perform outstanding.

The Bruins have ZERO fire. This is odd. And a definite liability. What it means is they have a tendency to be very streaky. They have it in them to be explosive and dominate even the most balanced roster (like the Sens) BUT only if their squad is all feeling the same energy. This is a challenge for them.

On paper, if I only looked at this, I’d say “Oh yeah, Sens got this.”  But… I can’t ignore baseline factors, such as roster depth, talent, experience. Fundamentally, the Bruins have some powerful and gifted players. Their problem is they can’t consistently mobilize them for a win.  The Senators have an even, somewhat boring temperament. They struggle with creativity and can become predictable.  So who will win this battle? It’s gonna be based entirely on the Game day schedule. And luckily for the Bruins the schedule gives them a real shot at this.

Game Day Predictions:

Remember, Astrology doesn’t predict outcome — only energy. It’s up to each player to decide how to deal with the hand their dealt each night. Here’s what astrology is dishing out for each game night ….

GAME 1 – April 12 

BOS @ OTT 7pm  |  Moon in Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde, Moon trine Neptune 8:49 PM

This game, for a Game 1, will be a bit of a snooze fest. Which blows and just means you’ll need to drink more to have fun. However, for Bruins fans they’ll eat it up, because Water heavy teams have a slight advantage and that means Boston will be playing with more theatrics. I’m favoring Boston particularly Rask because he is Pisces heavy and later in the game (3rd period) Moon trines Neptune and will give him added luck and energy.


GAME 2 – April 15

BOS @ OTT 7pm  |  Venus Direct, Moon sextile Jupiter 5:16 pm

This game will be exponentially better and more fun to watch than the first game.  This will be better looking hockey, and more what a Playoff game should look like. Players will be more committed and hesitate less on shots. Technically Sens will play a better game, but Boston’s heavy hitters — Pastrnak, Marchand & Backes all have added game tonight. That’s not good for Ottawa. BUT Sens’ goalie, Anderson is going to be on fire and if Sens win, he’ll likely be a key factor. So basically this is gonna be a battle. I’m saying Ottawa only because it’s a home game and I think their D-men are benefiting enough to keep the bleeding to a minimum.


GAME 3 – April 17th

OTT @ BOS 7pm  |  Moon in Capricorn, Moon Sextile Neptune 9:55pm, Mars Quincunx Saturn 10:14pm

Tonight will be a total Gong Show. I’m talking — ugly hockey, shitty game delays, potential equipment issues, complaining, challenged plays;  Basically “momentum killers”. But for Senator’s fans, the upside is that Anderson isn’t mentally impacted at all and will roll with it, unphased. Which is KEY for then Sens in Boston’s barn.  Tukka on the other hand is likely to loose his shit. And if Ottawa is smart they will take full advantage of his mental breakdown. This one is Ottawa’s for the taking.


GAME 4 – April 19th

OTT @ BOS 7pm  |  Sun in Taurus 5:27pm, Moon in Aquarius 6:42am (lots of moon movement after)

If new kid Charlie McAvoy wants to show his stuff,  tonight would be the night to do it. He’ll be feeling extra confident and have the chops to back it up. On top of McAvoy, several other Bruins D-men are favored to play an unpredictable and smart game. Ottawa however will be technically on-point and their contributions will be diversified across all their lines. They will make Boston work for it. Regardless of the steady play by Senators, Boston will be determined to put on a show for their fans. And honestly, Sens wont have the showmanship or creativity to out shine Boston. ALSO a huge factor in tonight’s game will be Rask. He’s favored to have not only a solid showing but some ballsy confidence that he’s likely to have a few of those “how the hell did he do that” saves.


GAME 5 – April 21st 

BOS @ OTT TBD  |  Mars in Gemini 6:32am, Moon in Pisces, 3:43pm, Venus Square Saturn 11:19pm, Moon sextile Sun 7:25pm (lots of lunar shifts)

OTT has the advantage mentally tonight. This is where’s Boston’s Water is messing with them. Tukka is going to really struggle with his mental game tonight. Anderson will be OK but not amazing. On the whole, Sens will be fired-the-f-up. And Boston will likely find they just can’t get in sync and become frustrated among themselves. Either way it will be ugly. An all out passion battle. Goalies will be clutch.


GAME 6 – April 23

OTT @ BOS TBD  |  Moon Void of Course 5:34pm, Moon in Aries 8:32pm, Moon conjunct Venus 5:34pm

Crazy night; sh@t show. Pending on game time, there will be likely explosive performances.  Bruin’s Water signs have the potential to take anything they want. This will no doubt go to Boston IF they play an afternoon game.  If it’s later in evening, Sens have a bit of a lifeline. But more than likely Boston rules this day.


GAME 7 – April 26

BOS @ OTT TBD  |  New Moon 8:16am, Moon sextile Neptune 7:38pm, Moon Quincunx Jupiter 11:16pm

It’s hard to say without Game time, but based on the active moon I’d say Ottawa, as Boston just can’t pull it together when the Moon is this active. This much energy shift throws off their line chemistry and overall focus. Again, hard to nail down without exact game time but I’m giving this one to Ottawa.


Who Wins the Series?

Well if you’re going off what I “favored” above… it’s the Senators. That said, a smart team, coach and good old-fashioned playoff experience is how a teams really win. Learning how to feel energy changes like these and make real time adjustments is what makes for Stanley Cup winning teams.


Charlie McAvoy’s Plug-n-Play Playoff Chemistry

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