Can a Trade fix LA Kings’ Passion Problem?

Can a Trade fix LA Kings’ Passion Problem?

  • The LA Kings Roster lacks the fiery Mars passion of 11/12 and 13/14 seasons
  • High profile candidates like Landeskog & Duchene come with temperament baggage
  • Unlikely picks, Hanzal or Eric Fehr, could be huge wins for Kings

With the NHL trade deadline fast approaching it got me thinking about my pet team, the LA Kings, and how they would benefit from a mid-season roster change.  Over the past few weeks speculation has run amok amidst the statistical analysis community and personally, I’m over it.

Trading People NOT Commodities

From contracts, current stats and cap hits, putting together a plausible trade requires an inordinate amount of factors to line up correctly. And even if everything “pencils out” it doesn’t mean the trade will result in a win-win outcome. Why? Because players aren’t commodities.

Chemistry both on and off ice can radically influence the performance and consistency of a team.  By using Astrology to analyze a player’s temperament we can assess the impact environment, teammates and coaching staff have on a player’s ability to perform at the top of their game.

So, let’s look at what trading a PLAYER — not his stats and salary — would look like for the LA Kings

The Kings’ Current Roster

Right now the Kings seem to be hovering just below the wildcard slot unable to capture the spark and momentum of their 11/12 and 13/14 Stanley cup winning seasons. Plagued with ill-timed injuries and a lack of consistency it’s hard to really nail down one root cause.

One thing we do know is that this year’s astrological mix is very different from prior winning years.


The chart above shows the Mars elemental allocation for active players on the LA Kings rosters and what it was for the 11/12 and 13/14 winning seasons.

While it’s clear the current team has skill, hockey IQ and desire, they may struggle to maintain their composure based on the Moon’s placement on any given game night. It’s the Water Sign players that can have spotty performances from night-to-night and make it difficult for the Kings to develop a winning streak.

The placement of Mars in a player’s chart plays a big role in a their ability to execute during the intense pressure of a game. As a team, Mars carries an even more critical role with regards to their ability to come together as a unified army and win. Mars is the planet of war and if a team lacks the passion and fire to execute consistently, they’ll struggle in games on evenings where the Moon is less favorable.

The Possible Trades

When looking at who could potentially help the Kings bust through that wild card slot, it’s obviously important to consider potential points/production contribution and salary impacts. BUT, I’d argue that it is even more critical to look at the individual player’s compatibility with the Fire-Sign-deprived roster.

Gabriel Landeskog

Colorado Avalanche’s Gabriel Landeskog is a name being thrown around a lot. Astrologically, Landeskog is a tricky guy to place. While on the surface he’s a fiery Sagittarius, the rest of his chart is very Water Sign heavy. Meaning, he’s subject to hot and cold nights. Also, his ability to gel as a complementary player may take time.

His Mars is in Cancer — not ideal at all for the Kings.  As a handsome Sagittarius he’d bring sex appeal and entertainment value to the LA fan base, but over time, his performance would prove less than consistent and the novelty would wear off.

Matt Duchene

Colorado Avalanche’s Matt Duchene is an earthy grinder with a creative edge to his playing style. He’s got the work ethic and the confidence to perform at a very high level. For Duchene, his biggest challenge is living up to his own standard. He’s highly coachable and loves to learn, but his ego is not entirely in check.

At the end of the day he feels if he has put in the work, listened and done what everyone tells him than he’s entitled to something. This need for “reward” or “validation” can be off putting to teammates and sometimes manifest as a bit selfish or competitive.  He’s a pro and while his ego is strong he loves hockey and is ok with losing but he doesn’t like not standing out. Duchene’s borderline high-maintenance need to carve out his unique role on the team is NOT a good fit for LA. And he lacks the key fire signs in Venus and Mars.

Martin Hanzal

I love the idea of Arizona Coyotes’ Martin Hanzal joining the Kings. Why? Because his chart would bring the potential for big performances as well as much needed passion to win in games when trailing after the 1st (a big-time pain point for the Kings.) Hanzal’s chart is that of the ever optimist. He’d be a positive force and his hard working Venus in Capricorn would inspire the Kings’ some what moody temperament.  Most importantly, his fiery Mars in Aries would help bring the “bite” back to the Kings bench.

Hanzal’s compatibility with Dustin Brown and Tanner Pearson would be off the charts. This line could produce with ease and Hanzal would likely elevate Brown to his former contributions just through their complementary playing styles and temperament.  That said… what would that mean for the Jeff Carter? Well he’s not going anywhere. So LA would have to juggle a lot to make this happen. However, the net gain of having Hanzal on any line, and just on the roster would provide a new energy to the locker room which would get them closer to that 11/12 and 13/14 roster dynamic.

Eric Fehr (Wait…What?)

It’s not necessarily anything I’ve heard talk  of, but if LA had its pick of potentially available 4th line enhancements… they’d be wise to trade a young Nick Shore for seasoned Eric Fehr of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Fehr is producing this year for Pittsburgh and his contract expires in 17/18. Not only would he bring playoff experience and maturity but his chart has that fiery Mars needed to help bring emotional players back on track during losing streaks.  He could prove a steady eddy improvement to give the 1st and 2nd lines more room to take risk.

In addition to upping the “passion” factor of the current roster, Fehr’s compatibility for luck with Clifford and Nolan, is significantly higher than Shore. These guys could make some plays that you’d need to watch in slow motion to figure out how they pulled it off.

Just saying

At the end of the day, with the expansion draft around the corner, and the available options not ideal or easy for the Kings to justify, I think my little pet team should hold steady “as is” and dig deep.


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