Charlie McAvoy’s Plug-n-Play Playoff Chemistry

Charlie McAvoy’s Plug-n-Play Playoff Chemistry

Charlie McAvoy, eh…who knew?  I did.  In fact, four months ago when I was asked to write a piece on the US vs. Canada World Juniors, I had to analyze the astrology charts of 50+ emerging hockey talents. Guess whose chart rose to the top of the Universe’s favorites? That sneaky Sagittarius, Charlie McAvoy.

Keep in mind, I knew nothing about this kid prior to looking at him on paper. And I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t “hockey-love at first sight” with McAvoy’s chart. On paper, this kid was born to be a highly skilled Defensemen. He has the attributes and temperament current teams are looking for. He’s cocky, funny, smart and opportunistic.

As a fiery Sagittarius he’s got physicality and personality dialed in. He enjoys poking the bear and knows that agitating opponent’s mental games is equally as effective as physical intimation.

But more impressive than his ability to mess with his opponents heads, is a deep rooted need to innovate and do things no one has seen before in hockey. McAvoy looks to shake things up, test boundaries and challenge complacency in all aspects of the sport. It’s this quality along with his façade of mind-f@ck chirpin’ guy that makes him a powerful addition to any roster looking to infuse new energy.

Bruin for Life? Probably Not.

The Bruins’ did good with this selection. While the current Bruins’ Defensive squad is already fairly Fire Sign heavy, the players they have now don’t have that real-time creativity deeper in their chart that McAvoy has. Charlie has the potential to bring much needed energy and opportunities to their offensive lines. His chart, is particularly compatible with both Marchand and Pastrnak — meaning he’ll instill a sense of confidence quickly. This kind of instant chemistry can be clutch during playoffs. However, its not likely we’ll see him lined with either of these guys. At least not initially.

Down sides of his sudden plug-in-play Playoffs stint with the Bruins is, while he has strong compatibly with the current roster off ice and in practice, his Mars and Venus make him slower to trust and open up to several of his defensive line mates during game time scenarios. It’s this slow “trust” ramp-up that will likely make him less of a go to option. Depending on who he is lined with, he may or may not get a chance to add much value until later in the Series.  Chemistry is key and Charlie’s Aquarius heavy chart makes him less of a effective plug.

A few other things to note about his chart… while Sagittarius’ are generally physical beasts, he has a lot of cerebral Air Signs in his chart. Meaning, he will struggle with staying at top physical condition. Conditioning in off season will be key to keep him at top contributing levels. Also he isn’t particularly sentimental. While he believes in loyalty, he is okay saying goodbye to things that aren’t working. If he doesn’t get chances to be creative or improve his game, he’ll start shopping.

Chart Themes:josh_ho_sang_photo

  • Difficult to rattle emotionally
  • Extremely opportunistic
  • Creative and with strong Hockey IQ
  • Has no issues with road games or change in routine
  • Self-Auditing
  • Attracts luck
  • Consistent and stable chart (not impacted by Moon)
  • Builds rapport quickly
  • Will take critique if coaching style is direct and decisive
  • Doesn’t need a lot of “atta boys”
  • Enjoys and loves every time he’s on the ice
  • Bit a of a shit disturber
  • Non-traditional
  • Likes variety and to be constantly learning
  • Outspoken
  • Doesn’t have a sense of extreme loyalty


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