Is Derrick Pouliot a Plug-In-Play Fit for Canucks?

Is Derrick Pouliot a Plug-In-Play Fit for Canucks?

It’s true, I have a soft spot for former Portland Winterhawk, Derrick Pouliot. Watching WHL Juniors play is surprisingly refreshing, as they don’t know what they don’t know. For them, the dream is still far out in front of them. So when I heard he was traded from the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Vancouver Canucks I was instantly intrigued.

Pouliot was a standout player in his Junior career — thanks primarily to a disciplined work ethic and highly coachable temperament. He was single focused and a highly skilled player.  Problem is… once you move to the next level, just being hardworking and coachable isn’t enough…

Why Derrick Struggled with the Penguinsderrick_pouliot_chart

Pouliot’s astrological birth chart heavily favors Earth signs and lacks Fire Signs entirely.  This type of lopsided or imbalanced chart,  isn’t uncommon in NHL level athletes but often makes it more difficult to find a team where your talents will easily plug-in-play.

Over the last few years the Penguins roster allocation has be very consistent — favoring passionate Fire and Earth signs. With so many of their key contributors in confident and dominant fire signs, Pouliot’s temperament was not equipped to find a voice, let alone handle the high energy chemistry of this roster. In some respects, his temperament was set up to fail with the current Penguins’ bench culture.

How He will Fair with the Canucks

In looking at Vancouver’s current roster, the addition of Capricorn-heavy Pouliot could prove to be a much needed dose of consistency.  That said, I’d caution Canucks fans to not get too excited… Pouliot alone will not be enough to infuse new energy to this somewhat stoic roster.  Here’s what to expect…

Do Expect….

  • He is extremely hard working, diligent and takes pride in doing things the best and “right” way.
  • Highly coachable and likely will NOT create problems off ice (partying or getting into trouble)
  • His Scorpio does offer him the potential to have some “explosive” nights but this is subject to game day (Moon’s placement)
  • With clear expectations he can perform on a very predictable and consistent basis — which for the Canucks, is much needed.
  • He would be effective on the power play but would require that execution be well defined and likely NOT good at “winging it” if the opponents PK are heavy on Air or Fire sign players.
  • He’s got a good chart for a professional hockey player but presents more as an elite complementary player. These types of players are extremely valuable to teams who have players with large egos and clear bench hierarchy.
  • Based on Vancouver’s current roster allocation, he is a good addition for the dynamic and could prove to move the meter and open opportunities for other more assertive players to raise the level of their game.
  • Physically he does not hesitate and isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. He’s a Top Shelf Grinder.

Don’t Expect…

  • Derrick has ZERO fire signs in his chart (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) This means, he doesn’t have the natural emotional depth or showmanship to elevate his game to a level of elite player.
  • He likely would never be considered an “energy” player or guy who could get the team or line amped up.
  • He’s a bit structured and doesn’t “roll with changes” quickly or well.
  • Mentally he feels that hard work should pay off, but most experienced players know that just doing things technically correct isn’t enough if your opponents are operating out of raw passion and with a disregard for “right or wrong.”
  • He likely undersells and isn’t good at advocating for himself so he can go overlooked.

His Most Compatible Teammates

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