DFS Forecast for January 10, 2017 Games

DFS Forecast for January 10, 2017 Games

Tuesday January 10, 2017 Games

The following rates the players who have the potential and are favored to contribute above their daily fantasy point average. This insight is designed to works in conjunction with your current methods for line forecast and roster generating. This information may prove helpful in validating your choices or deciding between options.


Tuesday January 10, 2017 Game time ~ 7:00 EST – Approx 10:30 EST

  • Moon moves into Cancer 5:49pm EST
  • Sun in Capricorn

Remember, Astrology is not fortune telling. Astrology simply predicts potential for favorable or unfavorable energies which may impact a players ability to focus, execute and attract luck. It is up to the player to counter any unproductive energies and work with them to perform at their baseline contribution. Also, depending on the opposing team, coaching decision, injuries etc…  a player may not be given the opportunities to execute above their average.


Here are the players most strongly favored on each team and have higher percent odds of over performing based on the current planets and their unique birth chart compositions.

If a player has a zero influence you can generally expect a projected or baseline performance from them. There are some players who may be hindered by tonight’s play. They might also be included in the “zero” rating.


 0 (No Influence) —> 3 (Most favorably Influenced)

Philadelphia V. Buffalo

PREDICTION: Philly is slightly favored astrologically tonight. Philly will be feeling very aggressive despite being on the road. Mason however will not feel comfortable in his “away crease” and may struggle. But fortunately Philly’s D should help him out. Buffalo will be solid and what could save them tonight? Tendy Nilsson. He looks solid and reliable tonight.

phi buf

Columbus V. Carolina

PREDICTION: This should be a fun game to watch as both players have several players impacted. That said, Carolina’s impacted teams have the potential be “game changers” and with the home barn advantage I think they could take this one.  Columbus’ Defensive effort will be strong. However, I don’t think Bob is in Net so that could work against Carolina’s lunar charge.


Boston V. St. Louis

PREDICTION: This game should be low scoring as Boston will be firing on all cylinders but St. Louis Defense will be more than ready and waiting to shut them down. Boston’s defense will be ok but not necessarily getting any meaningful help from the universe. It will likely come down to a battle of the goalies.  Fortunately for Boston, Rask should be on fire tonight.

bos stl

Vancouver V. Nashville

PREDICTION: Honestly, this game is going to be hard to watch. Team chemistry will be challenged and it may be a high emotion Gong Show. I’m leaning toward Nashville for the win but it wont be pretty. It looks like scoring will come from Defensive efforts of Nashville and for Vancouver, the Sedins will need to run the show.


Detroit V. Chicago

PREDICTION: This game looks ugly. Expect both teams to be all kinds of worked up, with no one really owning the game. If I had to guess, the lead will trade hands or at least be kept close. Biggest concern tonight is Corey Crawford in net. He has the potential to meltdown. Fortunately his D is solid, but if Detroit can get in there and just rattle his cages a bit, Chicago may need to look at pulling Crawford to keep this one on life support. In the end… I’m saying Chicago because master “micro-manger” coach Coach Q will keep close tabs on his defensive effort and wont hesitate to make a change if he feels it brewing.

det chi


San Jose V. Edmonton

PREDICTION: San Jose should take this from Edmonton. And hometown fans wont be happy. That said, Edmonton does have the home ice advantage and several key power play contributors are favored. San Jose is just a very Water Heavy team and nights like tonight is what they live for. if Edmonton wants to win this, their best strategy would be to SLOW the game down and frustate the overly amped Sharks. Not sure the youthful fast paced oilers can do that. We know McDavid can but he’s one guy.  Tonight, I say SJ takes it.

sjs edm


Dallas V. Anaheim

PREDICTION: This game should go to Anaheim but I’m saying it wont. Despite it being a road game Dallas will come in with a more balanced temperament. Even without Jamie Benn for the Stars, their goal scorers are all well suited for tonight’s Lunar move. That said, the Ducks do have key players Perry and Rackell favored with equally strong net minding from Gibson. I will say that Anaheim will come out strong, but in the end Dallas will likely find their groove quick and take this one.


dal ana

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