Ducks vs. Oilers Game 4 – Tensions Run High

Ducks vs. Oilers Game 4 – Tensions Run High

The Anaheim Ducks play Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Edmonton Oilers and tonight the universe is packing a lot of heat.  After almost three and a half weeks in retrograde Mercury is finally Direct and it likely to correct course for several teams. Also at 7:17pm and 9:41pm EST the Moon is making favorable aspects with both Uranus and Mercury giving several players added confidence and precision.

Tonight’s energy is all about amplifying the natural talent of these professional athletes. Finally…this is what playoff hockey should look like.

Ducks vs. Oilers


Tonight the astrological boost is benefiting both teams giving the Oilers a seemingly big .34 edge over the Ducks.

Astrologically speaking, this energy shift is sure to create much needed confidence across the Edmonton roster, after a fairly painful loss in Game 3. The Oilers look to be heavily favored defensively, which if they can leverage this into quick turn overs the Ducks’ highly structured roster will have a hard time countering. Tonight’s favored players will add anxiety  to the Ducks’ systems. Players like  Maroon, McDavid, Nugent-Hopkin, Letestu, Kassian, Klefbom, Shepyshev and Nurse will be part of the agitation crew. 

Talbot looks focused and in the zone which is clutch coming in after giving up 6 goals in Game 3.

While the Ducks’ team astrologically average (1.27 pt)  is below the Oilers (1.61pt) the players who ARE favored are key playmakers. Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Silfverberg, and Rackell, have the potential to run the table if Edmonton is unable to work together to harness their strong energy.  The Ducks overall have better team communication and work as a unit; playoff experience.

An added wildcard for Anaheim is that Gibson looks to be particularly comfortable in his away crease tonight. He’ll be key to evening up this series. 

Which Players are Favored



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