Duncan Keith… Cancer or Just Crabby?

Duncan Keith… Cancer or Just Crabby?

Ok so Duncan Keith‘s been pushing his defensive luck lately.  Tuesday night during the Chicago vs. Minnesota  game, Keith was tossed out for a nasty high-stick to Charlie Coyle‘s face.  It’s true… it’s never cool to injury a fellow athlete. But is the guy really a bad apple?

No. Keith has proven himself as a player and professional time-and-time again. His ability to skate a very fine line between focused athlete and asshole is quite impressive. But by looking at his astrology chart it’s clear he can’t be blamed for being human.

Duncan’s sun sign is Cancer. And yes… cancers are moody and territorial. But they are extremely loyal and inclusive. While it may seem like Duncan acts alone, he knows very well it is not the “Duncan Keith Show”. He never wants his team to suffer from his bad choices. That said, this player’s chart is chalk full of Air and Fire signs. Almost entirely void of any earth signs. What does that mean?  Well Air fuels the Fire. So given the right triggers it’s not surprising Keith has a tipping point.

But wait… while his Sun Sign is in Cancer his Moon Sign is in Libra.  Libra is patient and compassionate. It’s this Moon sign that helps him balance out his tendency to be a bit of a complainer on a day-to-day schedule. So why the outbursts when provoked?  His Mars (the planet of war) is in Cancer. Ouch! Don’t poke this bear. His instinct when he feels attacked is full-on war; most likely aiding his amazing career as a Defensemen. And last but not least, Mercury (the planet of communication) is in Leo which explains why he can’t help but chirp and be openly vocal toward his foes on and off ice.  But again, his Moon Sign Libra keeps him in check …usually.

Good news… he’s got a heart. His Venus (the planet of love and compassion) is in the sign of Virgo.  This means at his core, he strives to be almost perfect at expressing compassion and believes people should be generous and kind. He takes great care to protect and not let down the people he truly cares about and loves. He’s demonstrated this quality through his charitable foundation (Keith Relief), his role as father and selfless team style. He is a softie deep down, but when he feels his ability to control is in jeopardy… he will snap back with those crabby mitts.

So what happened on Tuesday night?

Moon was Quincunx Uranus.  I know, laugh it up. But seriously folks, we just established Keith has some tricky Cancer influences. And Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making it almost impossible for him to not feel the impact of a difficult astrological aspect like Tuesday’s Moon Quincunx Uranus. Uranus is the planet of unexpected surprises- both good and bad. A quincunx usually brings out the bad side of things.

Think of it like when two people are trying to tell a story in a noisy room — someone eventually gets annoyed or begins to talk louder than the other. And that’s all it took to fuel Keith’s emotional moon and take it out on the unsuspecting Charlie Coyle. Not even his Libra Moon could keep him from snapping.

Who’s to blame?

I think we know, we can’t blame the planets for our choices. BUT it does sort of explain the sudden shift in temperament. Keith’s not choosing to be a crab, he was born that way.

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