Earth vs. Fire :: McDavid vs. Crosby

Earth vs. Fire :: McDavid vs. Crosby

In almost every sport, the media and analysts love to compare young talent to established all-stars. But truth is… no two athletes are alike. Despite how statically similar two players can look on paper, they are not built or cloned in a lab. There is this thing called “free will” and it’s the wild card that differentiates all of us humans.

Astrology can help understand how a player’s emotional temperament can shape and impact their approach to the game. With the recent hype around various player match-ups we decided to use astrology to size-up Sidney Crosby vs. Connor McDavid to see who is most likely to dominate short and long-term.

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Fiery Sid

Sidney Crosby’s chart is extremely Fire heavy. With Leo, Sagittarius and Aries dominating his personality, his passion is off the chart. Sid is light on emotionally volatile Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and this why he is one of the most consistent players in the league. His only Water sign is Scorpio — the most intense and aggressive of the signs — this is what allows him to be explosive on certain night (particular when lunar influences are high.) His 20% Capricorn is the Grinder work ethic that he is rooted in and the foundation of his game.

Earthy McDavid

Unlike Crosby, McDavid’s love of hockey comes from a much more practical and analytical place. He is dominated by an incredible work ethic, ego and drive to be the best technically; this is why he plays hockey. McDavid loves the artistry of hockey and believes by playing it correctly you can and will prevail. He has a nice dose of passion, but his tendency, when behind or feeling challenged, is to fall back on his technical skills vs. intimidation or a showy performances (unlike Sid who makes a point of letting opponents know when he’s fired up.)

Unbalanced All-Stars

Both players are void of many other signs., particularly Crosby who lacks all three Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.)  McDavid is more diversified but does lack some critical attributes of Leo and Scorpio.

When a player is highly concentrated in one area it’s important that they are careful to not over play their long-suit.
In this case, McDavid is the one who may find extending his career to be his biggest challenge. No question right now he’s amazing because he’s made damn sure he’s amazing. He has technically mastered his craft and his ego is very much tied up in his ability to work and focus hard until he’s the best. Unfortunately as athletes bodies age, technical skills are hard to sustain- injuries, youthful opponents and even equipment advances make even the most practiced execution, difficult.

Crosby, on the other hand, has a healthy basis in Earthy Capricorn which will always allow him to deliver even if at average levels. He knows how to work hard and isn’t afraid to put in the time to stay relevant, but he doesn’t necessarily rely entirely on his raw execution. What gives Sid his star power is his overwhelming Fire sign passion that has and will continue to help him sustain his career on playing a game of both skills AND emotion. He knows that “wanting” to win is equally powerful as having the technical skills to win.

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