Why Gallant Wasn’t “The One” for the Panthers

Why Gallant Wasn’t “The One” for the Panthers

  • 2016-17 Roster needs a coach with an opinion
  • Gallant’s lack of decisiveness a factor
  • Jagr and Ekblad contributions will be un-phased

The unsuspected firing of Florida Panthers’ head coach Gerard Gallant played out like a crappy episode of Survivor with Gallant being voted off the island in dramatic fashion. There isn’t an NHL Head Coach who doesn’t know the half-life of their career with an organization. And more than likely he wasn’t entirely surprised. But by media accounts, at the end of a tribal council-esque 3-2 loss against Carolina, he was #Blindsided and his torch was put out.

NHL Hockey isn’t a non-profit industry and the complexities of building and sustaining a franchise are multifaceted. We’ll probably never know the dollars-and-cents reasons why the front office gave up on Gallant, only 22 games into the season, but an analysis of the Team’s Roster and Gallant’s Astrology we can see some obvious red flags…

The Panthers’ Rosterfla-panthers-2016-17-elements

The 2016-17 Panthers Roster is heavy on Earth and Water signs which means, by default, they are consistent producers, athletic and emotional players. But what they are lacking to win on a consistent basis is confident and passionate Fire signs (Leos, Sagittarius, Aries.)

These are the showboating players who can dig deep for wins with little-to-no motivation beyond just the roar of a crowd. They thrive off the energy of the game and are natural leaders on the ice; motivating their teammates to elevate their game.

Without these types of passionate players, a Coach has to work twice as hard to inspire and keep players from getting too far into their mental game.  Even if Gallant was working “twice as hard” he just isn’t the “hype” type of guy.

Why Gallant Wasn’t “The One”

On the surface, Gerard Gallant is a talented, focused, well-put-together Virgo. In fact, Virgos are one of the most winning-est Stanley Cup Coach signs. That said, being a Sun Sign Virgo doesn’t do you much good if the rest of your chart doesn’t complement that perfectionist attitude.

Gallant’s Astrology birth chart supports what most people already report:  he talks a strong and logical game. He knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to walk-the-walk. That said, what you don’t see on the surface is that he struggles with overthinking and a fear of something better coming along. He will defer decisions and let bad ideas play out too long before making a change. He fears making the wrong decision more than he fears being defeated.gallant-coach-chart-photo

His Mercury and Mars are both in balanced Libra which makes him extremely likable by players and associates but this likability comes at a price. Gallant’s approachable style translates into a lack of conviction. His “please everyone” temperament is wasted on a roster of players who require unapologetic orders to crush their opponent.

His Strengths

  • Knowledge of the game/sport
  • Enjoys getting into the minutiae and stats
  • Good Energy
  • Values people who work hard
  • Admires greatness
  • Patient
  • Once he makes a decision he’s “all in”

His Weaknesses

  • Indecisive under pressure
  • Holds grudges
  • Needs to be pushed to make big changes
  • Belabors difficult/big decisions
  • Too Patient
  • Isn’t visually compassionate or empathetic

They Need to Hire Some Fire

Less talking, more decisive action is what the current Panthers’ roster will respond to.  Florida will benefit from a coach who is Fire Sign heavy– ideally a Leo or Aries — whose energy alone will inspire action and above average performances from his earthy grinders.

Blunt and confident leadership will bring out the best in players like Trochek, Jokinen, Marchessault, Smith, & Sceviour. These players crave and thrive under authoritative pressure.

And Air Sign heavy players like Ekblad & Jagr are confident and self-auditing enough to produce under any coach. Air signs don’t care who steps in and would welcome someone who can herd the other cats and make room for them to do their own thing.

Stay Tuned for the Next Florida Panthers Episode

We may not know the real reason the front office felt the need to part ways, but if Gallant’s chart is any indication, it was likely due to a lack of quick action and willingness to pivot when pressured by management.

All in all, was this a good decision? I’m gonna say “yes.”  Was it the best timing? Probably not. Let’s hope their ‘reality tv’ management style continues and they whip out a surprise Celebrity Guest Coach from some random league and salvage this season in high-rating TV fashion.

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