Game 1: Penguins v. Capitals — Get Ready for a Mercury Retrograde Gong Show

Game 1: Penguins v. Capitals — Get Ready for a Mercury Retrograde Gong Show

  • Pittsburgh Penguins come to Washington to take on the Capitals for Game One of the Second Round
  • Tonight Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus — expect a bit of a gong show
  • High scoring and poor goalie performances is the story of tonight’s game

There couldn’t be a worse night to kick off an exciting series like Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals. Literally just an hour after the puck drops Mercury goes Retrograde in the Sign of Taurus. The influence can be felt all day, but basically what it means is tonight will be a bit of a gong show; especially for players with charts full of Taurus, Gemini and Virgo.

When Mercury is Retrograde, things that normally operate like well-oiled machines experience random or intermittent glitches. Often processes, routes or technology we’ve become complacent or reliant on will falter and throw us off our rhythm. What this means for a Hockey player?

Tonight, for some players in particular, things will just stop clicking causing them to pause, overthink and adjust. Problem is… in playoff hockey there is little time for adjusting. Equipment failure, poor skating, bad penalties, and frustration will all be factors taking away from the opportunity to show off what these elite athletes are capable of.

Which Players Will Be Affected?

Despite having the home ice advantage, the Capitals’ First Line will struggle facing off against the Penguins First Line. Alex Ovechkin may find it hard to get things to click and feel uncomfortable on his own ice. As a heavy Virgo, he’s likely to overthink things and only get worse as the night progresses. His line mates, Nicklas Backstrom will be feeling solid but encounter some good old fashioned bad luck.  T.J. Oshie, on the other hand,  is not impacted by tonight’s retrograde and will make up for his Line’s fumbling rhythm.

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The Penguin’s First Line, will likely skate circles around the Caps. Especially Patric Hornqvist. And Captain Sidney Crosby will perform at the top of his game, which will help a slightly less productive Conor Sheary.  Sheary’s Mercury is in Gemini making him particularly subject to some miscalculations.

Lines 2 and 3 for the Capitals are also going to be feeling the impact of the Mercury Retrograde. Evgeny Kuznetsov, Jason Chimera, Marcus Johansson will struggle with getting things done in a less-then-elegant manor. If they don’t embrace that “sh#t happens” during Mercury Retrograde and try to roll with it, the frustration will results in game changing turnovers.

Except for Chris Kunitz, the Penguin’s 2nd Line isn’t going to live up to the First Line’s contributions. They will struggle even against the Cap’s fledgling 2nd line. These shifts will be sloppy hockey.  The Penguins’ 3rd Lines wont be much better.  Especially Nick Bonino who likely will wish he didn’t even suit up tonight. He’s loaded with Taurus and Gemini and has the potential for his game to be horribly off for him tonight.  Conversely if he is sensing and embraces his energy is off, he could flip the script and use this energy to reinvent his game and get unintended positive results.

For the Capitals, the 4th line will be their most productive tonight. Danel Winnik, Jay Beagle and Tom Wilson are all astrologically cleared to knock the Penguin’s 4th line off their game.  Not to mention, the Penguin’s 4th line will be executing slightly below expectations. Particularly Bryan Rust who could easily experience issues tonight resulting in penalties.


Defensively this is where the game will take a turn. The Capital’s Defensive line is largely unimpacted by the Mercury Retrograde. Matt Niskanen and John Carlson are both astrologically positioned to be difference makers tonight.  The only one who could suffer defensively would be Taylor Chorney. He could be a victim of a bad call or misjudge his own hit, resulting in opportunities for the Penguins.

Conversely, the Penguin’s defense will be scattered and playing an ugly game. Things will not look well executed and communication issue could result in poor passing, shift change issues or unnecessary penalties. No one stands out but no one is to blame… except Mercury Retrograde!


I’m going to say tonight will likely be a high scoring game. There will be lots of shot attempts and these goalies will feel rattled. Even the calm cool, Braden Holtby will be slightly anxious about his performance tonight. He’ll experience slight issues feeling comfortable in his gear and may struggle executing with his usual confidence. That said, he is still the right choice for starting.  Grubauer is “all clear” astrologically for tonight if needed and could get the job done but statistically, Holtby is the choice.

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The Penguins have a much different story tonight. Both Matt Murray and Jeff Zatkoff are Geminis and loaded with Taurus. It’s not pretty. The likelihood that both Penguin goalies will struggle with keeping track of pucks, communicating with teammates, and kicking the puck back out is high. If only the fiery Marc-Andre Fleury was cleared to play tonight. His Sagittarius chart would have made the difference in tonight’s game. But alas, he’s not likely to play.  If I were coach Mike Sullivan, I’d choose Zatkoff; astrologically he’s the lessor of two evils tonight.

Who will Win

This is going to be a rough one tonight if you ask me.  I’m going to say Capitals will win primarily because of Goaltender performance. The Penguins, particularly their First and Fourth line, will come out strong but it just won’t be enough to take home a Win in Washington on the first night of Mercury Retrograde.

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