Game 1: Blackhawks vs. Blues — Who Will Sing the Blues?

Game 1: Blackhawks vs. Blues — Who Will Sing the Blues?

It doesn’t hurt that the St. Louis Blues are kicking off their run at the Stanley Cup with the home-ice advantage over the Chicago Blackhawks. In fact, for all six teams playing Wednesday night, the hometown ice is particularly powerful. Why? Because Wednesday night the Moon is solidly place in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rules home, hearth and all things nurturing. The energy and support from the fans be through the roof. But will it be enough to give the Blues a “W”?  Probably not.

Aside from the Moon in Cancer, the Moon is particularly active Wednesday, with 7 other influential aspects pushing and pulling at both teams’ chemistry. Just having that Moon shining down on your home barn won’t be enough to shut down the caliber and diversity of Stanley Cup playoff talent.


Wednesday night, the Blues will come in feeling fairly confident and optimistic — particularly Vladimir Tarasenko and Patrik Berglund.  However, while those two are feeling the flow and playing one shift at a time, Jori Lehtera, Paul Stastny and Robby Fabbri will most likely be feeling some negative energy from a Moon Quincunx Saturn impacting their signs. And with steady-eddy David Backes out, they will have a hard time uniting as a team — missing low-hanging power play opportunities and failing to execute due to poor communication.

The Blackhawks will also be dealing with complacent or checked out players. Red hot Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin will be feeling a bit distracted on Wednesday, while Marian Hossa will be struggling with feelings of frustration and lack of patience. However playoff experience, coupled with two favorable Lunar/Mercury/Jupiter aspects, will mean Andrew Ladd, Andrew Shaw and Artem Anisimov keep their emotional composure and adjust to anything the disorganized Blues throw their way.

Captain Jonathan Toews, a Taurus, will hold the team together giving his usual ‘at work’ performance; unimpacted by Wednesday’s lunar storm.


Defensively… the Blues may struggle. Alex Pietrangelo and Carl Gunnarsson may quickly get agitated by the Blackhawk’s technical execution.  If they let this take hold of their emotions, they will have a hard time supporting Brian Elliot (assumed to be starting Wednesday) who already will be a ticking timebomb for Blues on Wednesday night.

The Blackhawks defense is missing Duncan Keith who is a Cancer and quite frankly if partnered with Andrew Shaw (also a Cancer) could have dominated on a Moon in Cancer night like Wednesday. But it’s not the end of the world for a diverse team like the Blackhawks; their current defensive lineup is stacked with positive lunar energy, lending optimism and patience to the new pairings. They should do a good job with Hjalmarsson and Ehrhoff feeling calm, cool and collected. Look for Cancer Andrew Shaw to rattle a few Blues players with is unflappable confidence tonight.

Goalies & Coaching

The Blues’ D can’t lean too heavily on Brian Elliot tonight as he’ll most likely be feeling a bit unfocused and frustrated by his teammates. Coach Hitchcock would be wise to tap out Elliot at the first signs of trouble because Anders Nilsson has the potential to turn this game around. Nilsson, a Pisces, is in a good headspace Wednesday night and will likely have the patience to shut down a relentless Blackhawks attack. Coach Ken Hitchock is a Sagittarius and will come into the game confident. Maybe a bit over confident. He has the opportunity to motivate this team through enthusiasm and empowerment but if he gives too much into his optimistic “everything will work out” feeling Wednesday night, he may miss out on some much needed adjustments as the Blackhawks push their own agenda and derail the Blues’ strategy.

Conversely, poor Joel Quenneville; He’ll be hard pressed tonight as both his goalie options will most likely yield the same result — “ugly”. Both Crawford and Darling will feel emotionally repressed and frustrated. Their unfounded lack of confidence in their defensive squad will manifest in reactionary saves and good old fashioned luck. Lucky for both goalies, they have the skills to keep it together. However the Blues home-ice advantage will throw a lot of fan energy at these goalies getting further into their heads. It’s almost certain the Blues will manage to get a few past either goalie. But luckily for Quenneville, his well rounded team will know what to do and offset their Goalie’s lack luster night.

Who Will be Singing the Blues?

End of day… this game will go to the Blackhawks. There will be back-and-forth early on. The Blues will embrace the Moon in Cancer and Moon Square Sun energy and will be determined to give their home town fans something to cheer about. But the Blackhawks are coming in with better team leadership and chemistry, making even the best intentions and emotions not enough to beat out focus and communication.

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