Game 1- Leafs vs. Capitals Will Be an Aries Showdown

Game 1- Leafs vs. Capitals Will Be an Aries Showdown

How a series plays out is largely based on how two teams’ energy matches up on a given game day. Why? Because every day there are astrological shifts that trickle down and influence individual performances, line chemistry and physical energy of a team.  And in the case of the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs, we’re looking at two very different teams with the potential to have breakout games that change the course of the series.


The Maple Leafs project an image of a team which is heavy on technical execution, work ethic and a passionate desire to be the best. However when game time energy kicks in, their Mars allocation shifts to a slightly less tactical dynamic. When under the pressure of game-time or must-win scenarios this team turns into a thinking and reacting team. Their Achilles heel is their hesitation. While Babcock won’t tolerate hesitation, these young talents can’t help it. These kids have run every scenario, watched every tape and practiced ad nauseum. They believe they know the right way to play this game. 

However at game time, the Leafs’ downfall is a tendency to overthink and suppress their instincts.  Some nights and against some teams, it’s good to play smarter not harder but other nights, nothing beats a good old-fashioned grinder show. The Leafs, have an instinct to pull back on what they know and have practiced during games where the tempo is controlled by their opponent. Think of it as if they’ve got this little voice in their head saying  “oh…this isn’t how we practiced it.”

The Caps have a similar situation, they are perceived as being this incredible highly technical and physically commanding team, yet they struggle with a need to execute under highly choreographed conditions. “Winging it” or games where they can’t control the passion or unpredictability of their opponents can quickly undermine their execution.   That said, the Caps lack Water. With only 5% water signs, this means this roster is more machine than man. They have one style of play and they are the best at it. That said, if a team who is loaded with Water or Fire, comes at them on a night where the energy favors Water or Fire… the Caps don’t have a chance.  The Leafs… may have a few nights this series where they can leverage their 20% water signs to blow this series up.


Remember, Astrology doesn’t predict outcome — only energy. It’s up to each player to decide how to deal with the hand their dealt each night. Here’s what astrology is dishing out for tonight’s game ….

GAME 1 – April 13

TOR @ WSH 7pm | Moon in Scorpio, Moon Opp Mars 8:04pm, Moon Quin Uranus 7:17pm , Moon Quin Sun 6:46pm

Aside from the obvious fan freak-show, this game is going to be all kinds of charged-up. The Moon is in intense Scorpio but more importantly about an HOUR into this one, the Moon shifts in contentious alignments with Mars. That means, for the Leafs who are an Aries heavy team they will likely start to over reach and become too impulsive. They’re not great at being spontaneous and against a team like the Caps, their tricks are likely to be shut down.  Austin Matthews Mars in Scorpio is giving him a boost from the Moon and he may be able to single handedly keep the Leafs in this one. BUT luck isn’t on his side. There is the potential for him and a few other Leaf players to fall on the wrong side of the refs and not get the calls.

Goalie wise, Anderson looks rock solid in net tonight. This could be huge for the Leafs. He’s not impacted at all about any of the planetary activity which will allow him to play at the level he’s expected to.  Conversely, the usual robotic Braden Holtby will have a bit of that antsy Aries energy tonight creating some possible wiggle room for the Leafs to catch him off point.

Tonight should go to the Capitals but the Leafs’ wont make it easy for them.

  • FAVORED:  Capitals

Games 2 – 7

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