Game 2: Sharks vs. Kings – Because the Kings Say So

Game 2: Sharks vs. Kings – Because the Kings Say So

So this should be fun! If the universe has its way, the Kings will win this one. Why? tonight, astrologically speaking, there really is only one event impacting our day-to-day temperament — the Moon’s transition into the sign of Virgo. It started at 7:30 EST and lasts just a few days. Unlike many of the other games played today, the San Jose Sharks and the LA Kings are surprisingly unaffected.  So why am I saying the Kings should win?

Game Night Can Impact Key Players

Consider this… the Kings lost Game 1 in their own barn Thursday night.  And unlike tonight, Thursday the Moon was in fiery Leo — significantly favoring the almost 28% Fire Sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) Sharks. The Kings on the other hand, while holding their own, saw no boost from Thursday’s lunar event likely due to their mere 11% Fire Sign players.  Now we’re not making excuses for the Kings, but it’s worth noting, that Leo influence is over and tonight the slates are clear. ALMOST…

Tonight the Moon moved in to the earthy and smart sign of Virgo and not many of tonight’s players have Virgo Sun Signs or even Virgo in their chart. But the ones who do… watch out!

Tonight’s Difference Makers

Anze Kopitar rivals only Alex Ovechin for Virgo heavy charts. Kopi has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Virgo. Tonight he might as well be wearing a cape because he’ll feel and be unflappable. He’s sure to make some key and well timed plays. He’ll be ultra-tuned into his teammates and the pace of his opponents. That said… hockey isn’t a one player sport.

So who else on LA will feel the lunar love? Tanner Pearson will feel an added boost of passion and a bit of luck tonight as he has Virgo in Venus and Jupiter.  While Jake Muzzin will find it easy to keep his head clear and emotions in check allowing him to execute better defensively.

The Sharks also have some players benefiting from the Moon’s movements. Patrick Marleau has an astrological hat-trick with his Sun, Venus and Mars all in Virgo. This makes him especially likely to play above his already stellar game play. He’ll feel very comfortable under the Hollywood lights and will have no trouble getting one past Johnathon Quick if given the opportunity.   Joonas Donskoi will also be feeling particularly in control tonight and lucky. He is likely to convert on even the slightest opportunity to score.

So while these handful of players represent just a small part of the two talent-stacked teams, it’s worth noting, that the outcome will more likely lie in the overall match up of team chemistry.

The Real Factors For Tonight’s Win

The Kings are an interesting team to watch and follow. Their player roster is fairly evenly distributed across, Air, Water, and Earth signs. BUT where they fall short is Fire. With only 11% of their players Fire signs , nights like Game 1 on Thursday can be extra challenging. Also it can be the reason they are perceived as lacking the passion or drive of teams like Tampa Bay or Philadelphia who are heavily stacked with Fire Signs.

San Jose is also not as evenly diversified. 40% of their players are Water Signs, while only 8% Air. This imbalance can make it difficult to matching up their energy night-to-night and team-to-team.

Tonight the King’s general team chemistry is better suited to outplay the mismatched San Jose Sharks. The Kings will have the depth of energy, muscle and most importantly smarts to take this one.

Goalies – Johnathan Quick vs Martin Jones

Both teams starting goalies will not be impacted by astrological influences and should play at their current contribution rate. That said, let’s look at Johnathan Quick vs Martin Jones natal charts.

Quick’s chart is stacked well for a goalie. He’s creative, yet hard working and very cerebral. He’s extremely self-auditing — meaning no one needs to tell him if he screws up. He’ll beat himself up plenty good. And likely he will not make the same mistake twice. That said, he’s stacked for growth and will only get better as his career continues down the already stellar path it’s on.  Quick’s only challenge will be the possibility of becoming bored with his mastery and his internal need for constant growth.

Martin Jones is at a totally different point in his goal-tending career. He’s younger, new to the Sharks and his chart is packed with less thinking and more doing signs. He’s not one to get lost in his own head or become overly superstitious. Jones is a work horse and will get the job done. This however, doesn’t always make for Hall of Fame goalies. Tonight will be a test for him. LA will force him to get creative and that won’t come natural to him. He’s used to doing it the “right way” but sometimes, you gotta break the rules to win. He’ll figure it out fast as he’s a quick study. (pardon the pun)

Tonight the King is Not Dead

Tonight, the small boost from Moon in Virgo and the King’s more solid lines will likely result in the Kings playing as they SHOULD have Thursday and ending with a win. The Sharks better hope they get a fiery charge from the universe for Monday’s Game 3.

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