Game 3: NY Islanders vs. Florida Panthers — Mars Means Business

Game 3: NY Islanders vs. Florida Panthers — Mars Means Business

This won’t be a popular sentiment, but….today isn’t a great day for hockey. Why? Because today Mars goes Retrograde. Astrologically this is kind of a big deal. It only happens every two years and its influence lasts about 10 weeks. When Mars is in retrograde everyone, particularly Aries and Scorpios, will find getting results through action and assertiveness won’t work.  For hockey players this can be disconcerting. Today certain players will enter the game fired up but quickly feel anxiety when things that normally worked for them are not falling into place as they should.

The influence of this rare astrological event will last throughout the playoffs but it’s the start of the transit where people feel the impact the most. I describe it like when something weird gets introduced to your golf swing and you start randomly hooking it every time. It’s annoying and you can’t figure out what changed. Finally you just start to work around it and with it. Then a few rounds later you find your swing is back again and you blame it on the new mattress.

So Are Certain Players Screwed for the Playoffs?

This is not a curse or even a bad thing. It simply means these players need to introduce some patience into their play style. They will continue to contribute but it will not FEEL as easy for them. They will be passionately wanting to execute and find themselves having to be more patient and adjust their play style to get the results they want. And YES, it will get easier over the series to compensate for this energy. They should be soon be playing and contributing at their normal all-star levels. So don’t worry.

Game 3: NY Islanders vs. Florida Panthers

NY Islanders’ offense is likely to feel the energy shift the most today as several key players are heavy in Aries and Scorpio signs. First liners Fran NielsenKyle Okposo have the potential to be feeling fired up and unable to find their “swing” but luckily John Tavares will be on fire tonight and make up for any hesitation from his line. Lines 2 and 3 are also free from any meaningful effects. Cal Clutterbuck, a Scorpio, will most definitely be feeling somethings not clicking but his line Matt Martin and Casey Cizikas will hold him up.

The Panthers’ offense is not entirely free of tonight’s influence. Primarily the second line, Jussi Jokinen and Reilly Smith, both Aries may feel they can’t make it drop. Nick Bjugstrad will step it up and most likely help this line resist imploding.  Lines 1 and 3 are solid and will like contribute to game-changing results.  Garrett Wilson may feel a tinge of apprehension, but no worries Greg McKegg and Shawn Thornton will be on fire and any hesitation from Wilson will be a non-issue.

Defensively both team’s defensive lines are almost free from any impact. Meaning, this will be a hard fought game of defense. The only defenders who may feel slightly out of their comfort zone will be Panthers’ Dimtry Kulikov and Islanders’ Johnny Boychuk. But this will be a non-issue for either team.


Robert Luongo should be a solid choice. Let’s hope he holds up because Al Montoya has Aries in his Mars which could make him a liability in the net. For Isles, Tomas Greiss has Scorpio in his Mars which, tonight, could be a problem. He may feel ready to dominate but find he can’t anticipate or stop the aggressive Panthers. If Berube taps in, he’ll have the ability to keep his cool and handle the beating.

Brass Tacks

Getting down to brass tacks, I’m going to say the Panther’s will take this. But it’s a tough call to make. I’m attributing goalkeeping to tonight’s loss. Depending on how Coach Jack Capuano reacts to his First Line’s performance in the first period and his choice for goalie, it could be a different outcome.


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