Game 3: Sharks v. Predators – Let’s Get Physical

Game 3: Sharks v. Predators – Let’s Get Physical

  • Tonight’s Sharks v. Predators Game 3 will be a physical game with San Jose’s Defense doing the bulk of the heavy lifting
  • Moon in Aries and Sun trine Jupiter means tempers will flair
  • The team who can last the longest will win

Tonight’s San Jose Sharks vs. Nashville Predators is astrologically set to be a physical game with San Jose’s Defense doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. Just when we thought these two teams couldn’t play any more aggressively, the Moon moves in Aries and the Sun is trine Jupiter turning both teams into fiery hot messes.

Who Will Benefit Most?

Sharks Players Impacted

The Sharks will be on fire tonight. Literally, they are loaded with Aries and Sagittarius and they will come out swinging from the drop of the puck. Their biggest issue will be pacing their aggressive energy and not forcing square pegs into round holes. Fortunately they have several players with Sagittarius in productive planets.

The fiery #Couture line will melt the ice and offer the bulk of the action tonight. Click To Tweet

The Couture line will be melting the ice. Joonas Donskoi, Joel Ward are both fire signs — ready to end this and determined to silence the Nashville barn. Look for the bulk of the action from this line.

Tomahs Hertl, Nick Spaling, and Tommy Wingels will also be bringing speed and aggressive reach to their games tonight.

The Sharks defensive roster is a Watery bunch of players. That said, deep in their chart they have Fire on their side. And their fluid style will confuse and annoy the logical Predators tonight. Almost the entire San Jose Defensive line has Uranus in Sagittarius meaning… look for some rewarding surprises from the defensive efforts tonight.

#Sharks defense are a Watery bunch of players. They will confuse & annoy the logical #Preds Click To Tweet

Martin Jones will do his job tonight. More importantly he has Mars in Sagittarius which is ideal for a goalie on a night like tonight.

Predator Players Impacted

Nashville is going to think they are coming out ready to dominate but will find they are taken a bit off guard in the first period.  They will try to adjust the tempo and slow down the fight, but will be find the relentless attack of San Jose in their own barn frustrates and embarrasses them.

Lucky Coach Laviolette is a Sagittarius and the Sun is smiling on him tonight. He will not be surprised at all by the San Jose strategy and will not allow his team to become emotionally compromised. He will be vocal and not mince words with his players — keeping them focused on one shift at a time.

Offensively, James Neal and Ryan Joahnsen will be holding down the fort.  Paul Gaustad will also surprise us as he will not feel the pressure from San Jose and will remain clear and focused. Viktor Arvidsson, the team’s only Aries, will definitely be able to give the Sharks a fair fight and produce results at the same time.

Roman Josi and Shea Weber will likely be difference makers tonight and have no issues with the pace of the Sharks.  Don’t be surprised if Josi does something that changes the outcome of the game.

Don't be surprised if #Josi does something that changes the outcome of the game. Click To Tweet

Pekka Rinne is be a safe play tonight. He isn’t really too influenced by tonight’s astrological aspects. Ironically, backup goaltender Carl Hutton’s chart is ridiculously packed with Aries and Sagittarius. To the point of crazy. If he had to play, he would either be the MVP of the game or the reason for the loss.  Putting him in would be a HUGE risk, one Coach Laviolette is not likely to take.

Who Will Win?

All signs point to the Sharks. BUT If Laviolette can manage shifts and get his players to adopt a more “slow and steady wins the race” approach for the evening, they can out skate the Sharks. By dropping a 3rd period burst of short smart shifts on a tiring San Jose team, Nashville could keep this one. If not, it will be bye bye Game 3.

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