Game 6: Capitals vs. Penguins — Nothing Goes as Planned

Game 6: Capitals vs. Penguins — Nothing Goes as Planned

  • Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game 6 isn’t set in stone
  • The Moon, Jupiter & Pluto are messing with line chemistry
  • Real-time line adjustments and goalie selection will be key to winning

Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins play Game 6 tonight in Pittsburgh. I don’t want to be the one to say the Capitals’ Cup run ends tonight. Especially since I picked the Caps to go all the way in my bracket. BUT astrologically, it’s a highly probable scenario that the Capitals could loose tonight.

That said, I have to remind people all the time — Astrology doesn’t predict outcomes. It predicts temperament. The outcome is up to the person and how they choose to react to their shift in mindset.  A good team and coach can see chemistry unfold and work with it, not against it.

So lets see what needs to happen for the Capitals to extend this series…

Bad News:

The Moon is in Cancer which will give the home team (Penguins) a slight advantage and hinders the away team’s confidence. The Moon is also opposite Pluto, which for players with Scorpio means –despite hard work, things just won’t go as planned.

Good News:

The good news is that Venus is trine Jupiter and Jupiter finally went Direct yesterday. This is a HUGE boost for Sagittarius and will bring out the best in players with Sagittarius in their charts. We’re talking about huge performances from some players and depending on line pairings, could radically change the outcome.

With all this going on, the bottom will come down to two things: 1) how each team’s coach reacts and adjusts to tonight’s chemistry AND  2) which goalie starts (particularly for Penguins)

Players Affected Tonight

The Capitals Players Impacted:

  • Alex Ovechkin will deliver a strong showing but being a perfectionist, Ovie will not be happy with his performance and over the course of the night become increasingly frustrated. He’ll be critical of how he’s executing and how the team is working together and his leadership as a Captain may suffer.
  • Nicklas Backstrom & T.J.Oshie will be feeling much more confident and will not feel at all discouraged. They will feel optimistic and ready to quiet the crowd in Pittsburgh. Backstrom will be particularly fun to watch play tonight. And Oshie will be very productive, posting points and potentially scoring. Look for both of these players to be smiling and enjoying their passion.
  • Andre Burakovsky will get lucky tonight and feel focused and calm. He is likely to offset some anxious energy of his line mates.
  • Justine Williams will feel he isn’t able to contribute and will be angry with himself. He’ll become passionate and could end up taking unnecessary penalties giving the Penguins scoring ops.
  • Mike Richards will also struggle a bit tonight, but Jason Chimera and Marcus Johansson have him covered. They are going to play a solid game tonight and contribute to possibly closing this out.
  • Daniel Winnik, Jay Beagle and Tom Wilson line will likely get nothing accomplished.  Coach Barry Trotz would be wise to juggle this line and diversify their bad chemistry tonight.
  • Brooks Orpik is eager to return… maybe too eager. He will come in with a plan he’s been brewing for days and will quickly discover Coach Trotz has his own plan. Orpik will have a hard time changing his mindset and likely prove ineffective.
  • Karl Alzner will be feeling particularly on fire and has the potential to produce critical game changing moments.
  • Matt Niskanen will play with a different type of passion tonight. He’ll be feeling anger and resent being behind in the series. Luckily, he’ll be one of the players to channel frustration and turn it into positive results.  Hockey is one of the few sports where being pissed off can make you more productive.
  • Dmitry Orlov will struggle to feel comfortable with his line and hesitate; making him less effective.
  • John Carlson will also hold back but will push through-it and likely contribute more than Orlov.
  • Braden Holtby‘s Jupiter is in Cancer and that means he’ll get some bonus home-ice good luck. Saves, even he didn’t think could fall his way, will contribute to the Capitals’ ability to hold on for a Game 7. However it will bother him that he is not the one in total control of the puck. He’d prefer to stop a puck than to rely on luck. This small mental battle will brew in his mind all night and could give the Penguins a window to sneak a few past him.

The Penguins Players Impacted:

  • Sidney Crosby is coming in with a new attitude from the last game. He knows he needs to be a better Captain and work with his line mates to get results. And he’s got lucky Sagittarius on his side. Expect a much improved performance and leadership from Sid tonight.
  • Patric Hornqvist who was visibly annoyed with his team in Game 5, is a Capricorn and knows when to put on his “work hat” and get the job done. He’ll suit up with every intention of busting his butt and getting results.  That said, deep down he’ll feel like the game isn’t going as he’d like and feelings of resentment may creep in again and cloud his ability to execute.
  • Evgeni Malkin Will be super focused and results oriented. He realizes this is a chance to close this out, and he wants this over. Expect him to take several SOGs.
  • Carl Hagelin will definitely be feeling the home ice boost and will likely perform at the top of his game — determined to give the fans and hockey lovers something to jump up from their seats for. He’s not showing off, he’s wanting to make everyone proud and give the Penguins the win at home. And he’s got the universe on his side tonight.
  • Phil Kessel may struggle tonight executing and find he spends more time in the penalty box or miscuing passes. But if he stays with his projected line, it wont be an issue for the Penguins.
  • Matt Cullen definitely wont like how tonight’s game unfolds. He’ll come in with his own mental agenda and never really get on board with the rest of the team. We’ll see if he goes rogue and makes something happen, but if I were Coach Mike Sullivan, I’d keep him on a short leash tonight.
  • Justin Schultz will be feeling confident and lucky tonight. He’s eager to have a good showing and wants to make his offensive line mates feel like he has their back. He’ll be a very supportive team mate and will show leadership through encouragement. And indirectly…this will lead to results
  • Trevor Daley will be hot and cold tonight.  If he stays paired with Schultz it will be ok. But it will be hard to know where his head is at; he’s likely winging it most of the night.
  • Ben Lovejoy isn’t favored to have things go his way, but it doesn’t mean they wont. He’ll feel confident and happy to be playing in Pittsburgh, but he may find he needs to suck it up and do what the coach is asking of him, instead of what he thinks should be done.
  • Goalie wise… this could be the game changer.
    • Marc-Andre Fleury‘s is one of the few Sagittarius goalies currently in the NHL. On top of that his whole chart is loaded with Sagittarius. If he could possibly get on the ice tonight this series would be over. Despite his lengthy recovery break, his chart is so well suited for tonight, he’d likely step in as if he was coming off two shut outs prior. BUT… alas…that isn’t in the cards for tonight.
    • It seems Matt Murray is the likely start.  That said, he’s got a little bit of positive Cancer in his chart but he has Jupiter in Scorpio which is just a bad thing for a goalie on a night like tonight. This could be a HUGE “gimmie” for the Washington Capitals.  Murray may feel as if he just can’t catch a break tonight. He’ll put in a valiant effort but find that nothing goes as planned… including Sullivan pulling him.
    • Jeff Zatkoff on the other had is actually a significantly BETTER option for tonight. If coach starts with Zatkoff this series could go to the Penguins. Zatkoff has both Cancer and Sagittarius in key placements giving him an upper hand mentally and physically. Fingers crossed this memo gets to coach before the puck drops.

Who Will Win?

So I can’t say. BUT if Coach Sullivan is vigilant about his goalie’s performance and doesn’t hesitate to make adjustments the Penguins will likely take this. But if Coach Barry Trotz tunes into which players are assets and which are liabilities tonight, he can play to what the universe is dishing out, adjust lines and take this one from the Penguins. Time for those coaches to earn their keep!

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