Why the Ducks Need to End This Tonight

Why the Ducks Need to End This Tonight

Game 6: Ducks Vs. Predators

  • The Anaheim Ducks are tempting fate if they don’t close out this series against the Nashville Predators tonight, Monday April 25, 2016.
  • The Moon is in Sagittarius and while Nashville will get a charge from tonight’s energy, the Duck’s roster is going to get the most benefit.
  • With the date for Game 7 TBD, the Ducks need to take advantage of tonight’s astrological windfall or the tides could quickly turn out of their favor.


Any other night, the Pred’s first line is solid. But tonight, it primarily up to Ryan Johansen to drive the energy and tempo. James Neal will be his usual all-star self, but he wont be able to shake the super fired up Duck’s Ryan Show  (Ryan Garbutt and Ryan Getzlaf.) James Neal, if given even the slightest window, will take it and will score, but he likely wont have the chance or ability to attract this kind of luck.

James Neal will be his all-star self, but wont be able to shake the RyRy Show (Garbutt+Getzlaf) Click To Tweet

It’s the Duck’s first line that will have the opportunity to take this game and run with it. David Perron is feeling supported and ready to out-smart the Preds tonight and Ryan Getzlaf and Ryan Garbutt are both mentally focused and physically intimating thanks to tonight’s lunar aspect.  Especially Garbutt who’s chart is favoring him to  score or have a major game changing moment tonight.

After 5 games the Duck’s are catching on to the confident Filip Forsberg playing style. Tonight Nashville’s Forsberg is getting a charge from the moon and will be over top cocky and trying to make a statement. That said, Rickard Rakell and Corey Perry are also favored to play above their usual tempo. They will feel little to no intimidation from the Nashville’s second line and will hold their line frustrating and killing the Pred’s buzz.

Duck’s Ryan Kesler and Jakob Silfverberg and Andrew Cogliano are out to make it happen tonight. However, they may get shut down by the equally hot Nashville 3rd Liners Colin Wilson and Vikto Arvidsson. These two emotional charged Preds will attempt to throw a wrench in the Duck’s methodical playing style.

Jamie McGinn will be feeling extraordinary comfortable tonight on the ice. His confidence and ability to own the puck will frustrate Nashville’s Cody Bass who also is determined to leave a mark on his first playoffs with the Preds.


Sami Vatanen, usually a bit more of a calculating and offensive defensemen will be feeling more feisty tonight. He’ll feel the need to abandon his “go to” offensive style in favor of a more physical game.

Defensively the Ducks defensive lines are also benefiting. With Kevin Bieksa and Cam Folwer looking potentially ruthless. Cam Folwer has four planets in Sagittarius, making him either incredibly confident or incredibly reckless tonight. Look for him to be dishing out some big hits and perhaps spending some time in the penalty box.

The Leo duo of Simon Despres and Shea Theodore are two jacked up lions ready to roar tonight. They will make life surprisingly more difficult for Nashville if coach Bruce Boudreau gives them room to do so.

The Leo duo of Simon Despres & Shea Theodore are two jacked up lions ready to roar tonight. Click To Tweet

For the Preds, Roman Josi and Shea Weber always deliver. But tonight Shea Weber is playing above his normal level. He’ll feel a sense of personal responsibility to carry the burden of the defensive lines and lead by example. Roman Josi and Ryan Ellis also will step it up and help create much needed scoring opportunities and Power Play chances for Nashville.


Goalie wise, Frederik Andersen will pull his weight but will be much obliged to his Duck’s defensive teammate’s energy tonight. If he struggles, Coach Boudreau is probably safe to put John Gibson in net. Gibson’s got an added boost from tonight’s Sagittarius moon and feels he can prove his worth. He couldn’t carry the night but he could close it out if needed.

For the Predators, the good news is Pekke Rinne is a great goalie. The bad news is… tonight is probably the worse night for him to be in net. He’s an emotionally charge Scorpio with the potential to mentally implode tonight under the pressure. While he may get help from his defense, he may actually get some unlucky breaks from the universe. That said, Carter Hutton actually has four planets in Sagittarius, making tonight’s Moon in Sagittarius potentially the best night of the playoffs for him start. However, it’s doubtful he will.  We will see how Coach Laviolette chooses to juggle his goalie options tonight.



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