Game 6: Pens vs. Preds – Expect a Mid-Game Implosion

Game 6: Pens vs. Preds – Expect a Mid-Game Implosion

Sunday, June 11th


Moon in Capricorn, Moon Conjunct Pluto 9:23pm, Jupiter Direct

Tonight’s game is a “must-win” scenario for the Nashville Predators and with a mid-game lunar shift favoring watery Scorpios, the Predators have a chance to explode and push the series to 7 games. BUT WAIT…i said a “chance” —  the lunar shift is highly volatile meaning Water sign players are either going to be very hot or very cold. One of the reasons teams with less Water sign players win Stanley Cups is because in a short series tournament format there is little wiggle room for anyone to have an “off night.”  The Predators have a few key players who around 9:23pm EST game time will find their play rise to a new level and how they choose to welcome that energy and mental boost will decide the win. Literally, they may emotionally implode and turn their intensity into unproductive and poor shot choices. OR they will transcend their own inhibitions and play “out of their minds.”   This is the energy of Moon conjunct Pluto.

Pekke Rinne is a classic Water sign heavy goalie. When he’s hot, he’s hot. When he’s not, he’s not.  He has established himself as an elite goalie thanks to impressive outings and averages. That said it’s pretty rare to see an average showing from Rinne; He’s either amazing or he implodes. This is acceptable during a regular season when you have 82 games to ride out less favorable nights, but during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, teams can’t afford to have their starting goalie anything but “on fire.”  Tonight he’s likely to be key to the last half of the game.  Expect him to either step it up or get pulled fairly quickly at the first sign of unraveling.

Most Volatile Players

Here are the players for both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators who have the potential to change the course of the game after 9:23 pm EST.  Keep in mind, by “game changers” we mean they could change the outcome for the better or worse. It will be their ability to recognize this shift in anger, intensity and physicality and use it to elevate their game and team IF they resist it or over reach they will likely begin to fall off the rails resulting in ill-timed penalties, injuries, poorly timed passes or bad defensive plays.


Who will play solid all night

Conversely both teams come into the first period with help and focus from the Moon firmly in Capricorn. The earthy energy of today is “all business” and both teams are coming in with a solid game plan and physical readiness. The following players are favored to play with clarity and the ability to execute at the top of their game or better.

6-11-2017-PIT-Favored 6-11-2017-NSH-Favored

Who Will Win?

Any time the Moon makes a shift mid-game it’s difficult to predict out come. The strong Moon in Capricorn coupled with playoff experience and compelling stats, I tend to favor the Penguins. But as discussed, don’t count the Predators out  until the last second.

About this Match Up

Preds vs. Pens will be a Battle of Passion vs. Precision

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