Game 7: Nashville Vs. Ducks — Preds’ Switch is Turned “ON”

Game 7: Nashville Vs. Ducks — Preds’ Switch is Turned “ON”

  • Honestly… there is no good story here for the Ducks.
  • Moon moves into Capricorn on Wednesday’s critical Game 7 … Ducks are IN BIG TROUBLE.
  • Nashville is stacked with determination and a goaltender who will be unbreakable.

We warned the Ducks in Game 6 that if they let this go to a Game 7 the planets would not abide. And Wednesday’s Nashville Predators  vs.  Anaheim Ducks critical Game 7 is on the very night the Moon moves into Capricorn and this spells TROUBLE for the Ducks. When the Moon moves out of free-wheeling Sagittarius and into heads-down Capricorn the team with an Earthy roster will benefit the most. Hint… it’s not the Ducks.

We’ve talked throughout the Playoffs about the Ducks’ high concentration of Air and Fire sign players. It is this powerful combo that had us picking them to go all the way to the finals! The Ducks are a smart and patient team with the ability to turn up the heat on a dime. They are good at preserving their energy and striking with intent. That said, this kind of play requires a very real-time mental game. And if just one or two of their key players are not feeling focused or is easily distracted by an aggressive opponent, the Ducks’ strategy falls apart.

It’s Kinda Like When…

Here’s a simple metaphor to explain the astrological differences between these two teams. Think of the Ducks as a modern fuel efficient air conditioning unit. It’s fancy and slick, senses when you’ll be home, awake, asleep and preserves energy – dialing up and down to provide a constant and comfortable result. Nashville? They are more like AC unit resting on the window sill with one big “ON/OFF” button. They are either blasting at full force making you run for a sweater or they’re off and you’re sweating your nuts off.

So which AC unit would you want to have in a do-or-die Game 7 heat wave? Answer: The one that cools the room down the fastest.

That’s right…thanks to the Moon moving into Capricorn, Nashville’s switch will be flipped “ON” Wednesday and the Ducks are gonna feel the blast. The poor fuel efficient Ducks wont have the luxury of time to adjust and the night has the potential to be a frosty blowout.

Here’s who will be making tonight’s game so entertaining:


For Nashville, we’ll see the first line setting an aggressive tone. However, they wont be the ones who get the puck in net. Instead we’ll see players like Craig Smith, Paul Gaustad, and Roman Josi executing with confidence thanks to their strong Earfhy composition. Ryan Ellis and Mattias Ekholm will be incredibly productive. Ekholm is likely to score or produce a game changing moment thanks due to some positive Jupiter influences.

Anthony Bitetto will be playing with aggression and likely to get under the skin of the Ducks’ offense, creating some low hanging scoring ops.

Colin Wilson and Mike Fisher will also be key to throwing the Ducks off their “react and respond” play style while creating scoring opportunities for Nashville. Look for the Second and Third Nashville lines to take the bulk of the SOGs.
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Filip Forsberg is likely to surprise us with something we’ve yet to see him pull out of his bag of tricks. It may or may not help the cause, but will be worth the price of admission.

So overall, the energy and effort of the Preds will be diversified across a very united and common goal –“Winning at all Costs”.


The Ducks’ David Perron will be above his usual game play making up for inconsistent contributions from Ryan Garbutt and Ryan Getzlaf. Luckily, Nashville’s First Line is not necessarily unstoppable tonight — Perron has a bit of a lunar lift in his favor and may be able to make lemon-aid out of his lemon shifts.

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Nate Thompson is one of the few potential Duck standouts tonight. Keep an eye on him for to get a lucky assist from Corey Perry.

Ryan Kelser is hell bent on scoring tonight. If he can stop overthinking and not succumb to Nashville’s in your face playing style, he would be the one Duck to make something exciting happen. That said, he’s one guy. Jakob Silfverberg will be doing his job, but will lack the creativity and clarity to knock the Preds off balance.

The Ducks’ Fourth Line is a hot mess. These guys may not own it, but their feelings of anxiety and resentment for not closing out the series, has them acting alone. Nashville is too organized and will quickly shut down one-off attempts at a line-mob mentality.

Hampus Lindolm, has the potential to have a show stopping night. Unfortunately he and Sami Vatanena are the only defensive line who will be ready to play Nashville’s game. And unless they ate their spinach it will be a physically taxing night for them. Fowler and Theodore may spend more time in the box than doing their work on the ice.


Pekke Rinne‘s got Capricorn in Mars which is like an early Christmas present for Coach Peter Laviolette. Rinne will be laser focused, feeling in control and his body will be at top performance. Oh! And he’ll be determined as hell. He is sure to frazzle and frustrate the Ducks’ confidence.

Carter Hutton, on the other hand, is way off his mental game tonight and would fall to pieces. Lets hope the fiery Sagittarius Coach Laviolette doesn’t panic tonight. He needs to trust his team understands what needs to be done and let them do their thing.

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Of Anaheim’s two goalie options Fredrick Anderson would be tonight’s choice. While he’s not necessarily likely to have a shutout, his Saturn is in Capricorn meaning he is taking his job very serious and his emotions are under control. He’s focused on stopping every puck as methodically as he can. John Gibson isn’t a bad plan B option if this becomes a blow out, but even if tapped in early, he won’t have the boost in his confidence needed to stop the relentless Nashville charge.

The Only Way the Ducks Have a Chance

The only way the Ducks can take this game is if they totally surrender to Nashville’s rules. This would require a fast paced and structured game. Nashville is here to do a job. They have a plan and will execute regardless of any attempt by the Ducks to slow it down. Unless the Ducks get equally united and do less of their “react and respond” strategy they will lose and it will be a very quiet barn in Anaheim.

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