Game 7: Predators v. Sharks – Expect Drama with a Capital “D”

Game 7: Predators v. Sharks – Expect Drama with a Capital “D”

  • Tonight’s Game 7 will be about powerful slap shots, big hits and egos galore
  • Moon in Leo and Moon trine Saturn means Drama with a capital D
  • Passions ride high, but slow and steady wins this race

Nashville Predators v. San Jose Sharks square off in the deciding Game 7. The name of the game tonight is powerful slap shots, big hits and egos galore. Aside from the obvious “must win” mentality each team will bring to tonight’s game, the Moon is in Leo capitalizing the D in Drama.

From the drop of the puck, we’ll see aggression and bold offensive risks. But this energy and carelessness wont and can’t be sustained all night. At 8:29 pm the Moon is trine Saturn shifting a few key players mindset from fast and furious to slow and steady.

So who will be feisty and who will be focused?

Nashville Players Impacted:

  • First Line Filip Forsberg, Ryan Johansen are both proud Leos. They will be in the middle of tonight’s drama. Will it bring results? Probably, but not lasting ones. Viktor Arvidsson will bring more structure to the line. But Forsberg may be playing too hard, too early for this line to capitalize early in the game.
  • Colin Wilson will be playing with a new sense of confidence and if paired with Mike Fisher and James Neal he will thrive. Jame Neal is likely to be a clutch player for the Preds tonight, and both Fisher and Wilson will be technically there to support him. This line has the potential to make a dent in the points.
  • Craig Smith has a lot stacked in his favor tonight. He’ll have just the right amount of flair to turn his technical approach into a more passionate one. Look for him to possibly score while also boosting Mike Ribeiro and Colton Sissons contributions at the same time.
  • Predators’ Fourth Line will be a bit benign. In comparison to the high energy of Lines one and two, this line will appear slow. BUT in fact they will be busting their buts. Just not as visibly. If anyone does make waves I’d expect it from Calle Jarnkrok.
  • Defensively, Roman Josi should have a stellar night. I’d be surprised if he isn’t key to closing this out. That said, regardless of how well Josi plays, Shea Weber’s performance will steal the spotlight primarily because he’s got four planets in LEO! He will be super cocky and confident. And while sometimes being too boisterous can cause problems, Weber has that Capricorn influence in his chart which tonight will help him channel his fire into results.
  • Ryan Ellis will be equally as charged as Weber and will put on an entertaining performance as well as creating opportunities for the Preds.
  • Goalie wise, Pekka Rinne performance will evolve tonight. He’s got Mars in Capricorn which means he’ll be confident and all business. He’ll be patient when under extreme pressure; keeping PP scoring low. If one gets past him tonight it would likely be earlier in the evening.

San Jose Player Impacted:

  • Joe Thornton will be one of those coming out with his guns blazing. He’ll be an asset because of his line. Specifically Joe Pavelski who is loaded with Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Pavelski will start out fired up and passionate but will quickly get focused when he sees that this game shouldn’t be rushed. To win, patience is needed.  He will likely be key to this victory because he’ll channel his passion productively.
  • Patrick Marleau will be surprisingly feisty tonight and he will find the energy of the night is boosting his senses creating impressive passes and assits. Logan Couture will be productive and play off Marleau well.
  • Melker Karlsson and Chris Tierney are going to be visibly worked up and putting on a show. Joel Ward will quickly become the productive one and this line will be give the Preds a run for their money.
  • The Sharks’ Fourth Line will try to make their mark and will energetically match the Preds’ Line — but the two team’s fourth Lines will negate each other efforts and likely not move the meter. Aside from maybe Tommy Wingels who will be playing with more focus than the rest of his line.
  • Defensively, the Sharks should be solid tonight. Brent Burns, Roman Polak, Brenden DilloJustin Braun and Marc-Edouard Vlasic are going to muscle their way down the ice tonight. They will be intimidating and effective. Particularly Roman Polak who will be seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to pinch the Preds.
  • Goalie wise… Martin Jones’ chart is ideal for tonight’s Moon trine Saturn. He’ll be patience and not lose focus even if a few get by him. He will, as the night progresses, improve, refine and deliver a solid performance.

Who Takes The Series?

Sure we’ll see a lot of amazing performance tonight. And I am sure the three stars of the game will be well deserved. BUT If you ask me, the coach who can wrangle in the drama and get his team focused should be given the credit for the series win tonight.

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