Jonathan Quick — A Goalie with a Purpose

Jonathan Quick — A Goalie with a Purpose

Any self-respecting LA Kings’ fan knows that Jonathan Quick is anything but a typical NHL goaltender.  You can argue elite vs. non-elite all day long,  but one thing is for sure, Quick has a style and inherent passion totally unlike any other goalie in the league.

In this post, I’ll spare you the endless stats supporting Quick’s commanding status as All-Star goalie. And focus on what makes these stats possible…his astrology chart.

Quirky Quickjonathan_quick_photo

From early in his career, Jonathan Quick demonstrated a natural tendency toward doing whatever it took to stop a puck. Athleticism is easy to spot as a scout, coach and even a fan, but what isn’t so obvious is an equally natural talent for quick problem solving. And Jonathan Quick has this in spades…

Jonathan Quick’s astrology chart reveals an athlete with a natural drive toward innovation and reinvention. Jonathan Quick sees a problem and he will solve it no matter how unorthodox his method may seem to traditionalist. He enjoys being different and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Perhaps one of the more obvious examples of this natural creativity was Quick’s heavy use of the Reverse-VH during the 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup playoff series. His non-conformist goaltending was put under the spotlight and quickly became topic of many commentator debates. While many goalies were hyper-focused on mastering their butterfly technique and traditional VH, Quick followed his intuition and the outcome was impressive to say the least – two Stanley Cup wins in 3 years.

Physically and Mentally Quick

Jonathan quick has an Aquarius heavy chart.  With his Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in Aquarius it’s no wonder it is his destiny to be different. He is bored with old and can’t help but believe there is always a better more efficient way to do something. It’s this ability to invent from nothing, to manifest and solve that gives him an edge over other less “open minded” goalies.

In fact there are only a handful of goalies in the current league who embrace this mindset. Seeing solutions is one thing, but what takes Quick to the next level is how he actually manifests what he sees in his mind. He enjoys learning and does not get hung up on “right” or “wrong”.

Quick is only happy when he is being challenged. Playing goalie gives him the opportunity to constantly problem solve — every angle, every scenario, every reaction. He’s got physical agility coupled with creative mental abilities; It’s this natural gift that he has so wisely leverage throughout his career.

His Mercury in Capricorn lets him take direction well. But don’t be fooled, even if you see him adjusting his stance or beginning to integrate more traditional butterfly subtleties, it will always be accompanied with his own unique flair. He listens to rules and techniques with an ear toward “how far can I push these?”

A Rule Breaker

Quick’s entire chart screams “individual”. He’s not a rebel out to make a statement. He’s just a free thinker and resents conformity. The reason he enjoys being a goalie is he likes the pressure being on just him. It’s not that he isn’t a team player, but most non-conformists struggle with the concept of “herd mentality.”  He fears complacency and in the role of goalie his successes and failures can be blamed on himself; and he prefers this. He is definitely self-auditing and does not need anyone to tell him when he screws up. He is determined to learn from every mistake and is hardest on himself.

Unmatched Intensity

Quick’s Mars is in Scorpio. It doesn’t get much more intense than this. If it weren’t for this blast of extremism in his chart he most likely would not have made it to NHL level status. A player’s Mars influences the attributes that one leans on under extreme pressure or “must win” scenarios.

Jonathan Quick’s Scorpio is easily impacted by the changing Moon, giving him nights of incredible clarity and impressive execution. Conversely it also makes him subject to explosive outbursts and physical retaliation. That said, his Aquarius nature and Gemini Moon make him emotionally pretty removed.  During games he will demonstrate rage, but inside he is able to compartmentalize personal feelings which is key for recomposing when in a deficit.

Surprisingly BalancedQuick_Elements

You might be expecting me to conclude with the sentiment that “goalies are all kinda weird”. But guess what? Despite his non-conformist image, Jonathan Quick’s chart is surprisingly well balanced. He favors Air signs which give him the ability to emotionally detached and make clear headed decisions even under extreme pressure situations.

But along with it, he carries evenly distributed Earth, Fire, and Water characteristics.

  • His Sagittarius fire lends him natural athleticism,
  • His Scorpio Water gives him the game-to-game potential to transcend his game to a new level and
  • His grounded Earth signs gives him a foundation and acceptance of work ethic.

So you can call him weird but in truth, he’s a pretty regular guy who just happens to really like to do his own thing.

Let Quick do Quick and the Kings will Rise Again

I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I too am a triple Aquarius, and I have a soft spot for this innovative and self-auditing goalie. If he can keep himself healthy and continue to get the latitude to express himself and experiment with his craft he will easily lead the Kings to their next cup.


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