NHL’s Analysts get Analyzed

NHL’s Analysts get Analyzed

One of the pain points of watching so much Playoff hockey is the inordinate about of air time commentators and analysts have to fill. Keeping topics interests, finding variety and entertaining fans is not easy.

The Networks thought they solved the problem when they started dumping truck loads of real-time and historical stats on their broadcasters, but instead it turned many great commentators and analysts into boring robots. Sometimes I feel like I’m eaves dropping on a quarterly board meeting for a random widget making company — after 20 minutes of charts and numbers the only take-a-way is  “to make profit we guess we gotta sell more widgets.”   DUH!

In hockey the bottom line is basically — “to win we gotta get more pucks in net.”  Stats or no stats the story is the same. So what’s left for commentators to talk about? A lot! Great commentators and analysts know that. They can speak to the players, the feelings, the mental and emotional challenges. They are empathetic and quick witted. They bring the human side to the game and entertain us.

Our Analysis of the Analysts

At Zodiac Hockey we normally focus on player and coach chemistry but today we’re looking back through the camera lens and astro-analyzing the analysts! By studying four key planetary placements in their charts we summarized their strengths and weaknesses. Take a look and weigh in if you agree!


Read and Vote:

Mike Milbury – A Gemini Good/Evil Twin

Mike “Doc” Emrick – A Loyal Leo

Pieree McGuire – A Hard Working Leo

Liam McHugh – A Clean-Cut Confident Taurus

Kevin Weekes – An Aries with an Air of Dignity

Kathryn Tappen – A Triple Threat Aries

Keith Jones – A Serious Scorpio

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