The Numerology of Jonathan Quick

The Numerology of Jonathan Quick

  • His 500th game will be explosive and set a new tone for the LA Kings
  • #32 is Quick’s secret weapon
  • Jonathan Quick was named for success

Number 32 for the LA Kings has proven to be one of the cornerstones of the current organization and numerologically, that’s no surprise. With Jonathan Quick’s 500th game right around the corner it got me thinking about how his numbers factored into his success…

Expect an Explosive Showing

If Quick starts on Thursday, October 26, 2017 it will be his 500th game. And In Numerology that day is a 1 day. In Numerology 1 is a powerful number. It is the manifester – the doer.  On a “1 Day” it is all about new beginnings and the start of a clear and specific journey. This night will be good not only for Quick but for the LA Kings as a team.

#32 is a Beast

Jonathan Quick wears number 32. And in Numerology 32 reduces down to a 5. The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion and constantly in need of change. And if you’ve read about his Astrology Chart you’d know this is very in keeping with the temperament and personality of Jonathan Quick.

For someone with Quick’s need for individualism it’s no wonder he chose 32. The “5” in numerology also can project a somewhat unstable and intimidating vibe. While Quick as person is not perceived as physically scary, his number gives him a boost of “crazy” and it’s unpredictable energy can intimidate opponents. Whether he knows it or not, Quick’s #32 Jersey is sending a message of “don’t mess with me.”

Quick’s Personal Numbers

The name Jonathan Douglas Quick  (his full name) awards him very purposeful energy. Your name instills several influences. In looking at his Life Path, Destiny and Personality number it’s easy to see why he  has achieved such success.

How He Navigates Life

Quick’s Life Path number is 9. In numerology the 9 is the non-conformist and path paver. They see the world with an eye toward improving it. Quick’s Life Path calls him to remain agnostic to ideals and beliefs and subscribe to the present. He is respectful of all perspectives and is a bit of a melting pot of ideas. It’s this ability to not commit to any one set of rules or requirements that lets him innovate and be so quick to respond to anything. He listens carefully in the moment and relies heavily on his intuition even if it means making a low percentage decisions.

What he Wants to Accomplish

Quick’s Destiny Number is 7, which means he strives to create a somewhat mysterious persona.  He doesn’t seek fame or fortune but does desire influence and the ability to shape and create a future that he feels is driven by purpose. He is not content relaxing and not having a goal. He seeks the power and influence to affect change.

How he Projects Himself to Others

Quick’s Personality Number is 4. This means he projects an image of reliability and confidence. He is an active listener and gives people his attention. Even when he is not in agreement he is respectful but not likely to change his mind. He is considered transparent and trustworthy which is a great attribute for a team player.

The Numbers Have It

Luckily for the LA Kings, Jonathan Quick has the numbers stacked in his favor. He’s been blessed with a name that has helped shape his destiny and a keen talent for choosing numbers that complement his goals.  Not bad for a kid from Hamden, Connecticut!


Jonathan Quick — A Goalie with a Purpose

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