Oilers vs. Ducks Game 7 – A Full Moon Face Off

Oilers vs. Ducks Game 7 – A Full Moon Face Off

Astrologically this game is set to be a down and dirty battle of intimidation. The Full Moon is the end of the 28 day lunar cycle and is the culmination of energy that has not been reconciled. It is often a mentally heavy day and can be very unproductive for certain players.  This Full Moon is in Scorpio making it even more theatrical and potentially explosive.

Fortunately Mercury is Conjunct Uranus this morning, improving key channels of communication for some players and offsetting the impacted by the Moon’s intense focus.

Oilers vs. Ducks

5-10-2017-ANA-EDM-FavoredThe Edmonton Oilers vs Anaheim Ducks Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is set to be a wild ride of seasoned veterans against elite grinders. Tonight it’s a bit of brains vs brawn.  The Ducks come in as a more cerebral team – players who like to control the tempo, choose their shots and play head games with their opponents. The Oilers come in with speed, decisiveness and execution that can shut down opportunistic moments and dictate the tempo. Tonight, the Full Moon is exaggerating both teams strengths…and weaknesses.

The Oilers are coming in off a big redemption in Game 6. Their confidence will be high, but deep down the Full Moon will be undermining their ego with a sense of rage and impatience. They will want to rush and put this to bed quickly. This kind of severe energy can create miss cues and look more sloppy than intentional. That said, there are Oiler players who relish the intense energy and historically perform well. Players like  Draisaitl, Maroon, Lucic, Caggiula, Sesharnais, Slepyshev seem to tolerate and embrace this type of lunar influence. McDavid is not exempt from Full Moon intensity. He is already by nature a highly focused person and his lack of playoff experience coupled with a low level rage could cause him to hold back a bit.

The Ducks have a fairly strong Full Moon track record. Key contributors – Getzlaf, Kesler, Silverberg, Rackell and Perry all have charts which allow them to easily compartmentalize feelings and emotions. The Ducks are often described as intimidating. This reputation is typically attributed to the shear physical size of their players. But in truth their intimidation comes from their energy and presence on the ice. This squad love to play both a physical and mental game against their opponents. Smart, patient and physical is a powerful combo and pretty much how the Ducks roll.

That said, they have an Achilles Heel and the Oilers found it in Game 6 — control the pace and embarrassed the Ducks. If the Oilers don’t give the Ducks time to mess with their heads, the Ducks will revert to physical gimmicks. The Oilers need to play with zero ego. Take shots,  no matter how ugly, and keep the Ducks worrying about “how they look.”  The Ducks don’t do desperation well, so if the Oilers can get them to this point, they will win.

Goal tending has me concerned tonight. BOTH goalies historically do not perform well under Full Moon or highly intense Scorpio transits. It’s quite possible this game will be high scoring both ways.

 Which Players are Favored

5-10-2017-ANA-Favored 5-10-2017-EDM-Favored


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