Penguins v. Capitals Game 7 – Full Moon Intensity x10

Penguins v. Capitals Game 7 – Full Moon Intensity x10

Astrologically this game is set to be an all out battle of emotional intensity. The Full Moon is the end of the 28 day lunar cycle and is the culmination of energy that has not been reconciled. It is often a mentally heavy day and can be very unproductive for certain players.  This Full Moon is in Scorpio making it even more theatrical and potentially explosive.

Fortunately Mercury is Conjunct Uranus this morning, improving key channels of communication for some players and offsetting the impacted by the Moon’s intense focus.

Penguins vs. Capitals

5-10-2017-PIT-WSH-FavoredThe Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is set to be a history making game regardless of the outcome. If you’re a Caps fan you are well aware of the Caps’ history with 2nd round exits. And if you’re a Penguins fan you know about their injury plagued road to the playoffs and potential to falter with every line change. As if the intensity couldn’t get higher… just two hours before the puck drops the Full Moon reaches it’s peak in the obsessive sign of Scorpio.

The Capitals come in with a very slight astrological advantage, but what is more important are the players impacted and the potential for their energy to turn unproductive. On the upside, for the Caps Ovechkin consistently produces on Full Moons and is good at compartmentalizing obsessive energy. Equally embracing Full Moon pressure are Johannson, Kuznetsov, Burakovsky, Williams and Backstrom. This squad alone could present a major issue for the Penguins. A few other clutch players are also loving the drama of the Scorpio Moon. That said, sometimes this intensity can backfire and result in too much passion and if not careful could create poorly timed penalties or line changes.

The Penguins have a similar problem. A handful of key players enjoy Full Moon hockey — Kessel, Kunitz, Bonino, Sheary, and Guentzel. And while Crosby and Malkin historically see a slight up-tick in contributions on Full Moon game days, they are not necessarily guaranteed to deliver. Tonight I think we’ll see a more diversified team effort by the Penguins which may take the Capitals by surprise. Also as mentioned, there is another aspect (Mercury conjunct Uranus) that is helping several players and improving communication across the board which will be very important for the Pens as they adjust to their shuffling lines.

I almost never do this, but tonight I have to put the oneness on goal tending — specifically,Braden Holtby. Holtby’s Venus is in Scorpio and tonight the Full Moon in Scorpio will have him beyond fired up. Venus dictates your passion and things you want most and are willing to die for. Normally I’d say Scorpio Venus in a Scorpio Moon night  would be a bad thing for a goalie. In that tendys need to stay even-tempered and generally being too emotionally worked up can make it difficult to refocus after being scored against. BUT what makes Holtby an elite goalie is his Mars in Virgo. This means he can offset drive and passion with intensive OCD level of focus. Tonight, if he recognizes his emotional center is higher than normal and can find that balance he will play one of the best games of his career. If not, he’s likely to be a significant contributor to yet another second round exit.

 Which Players are Favored

5-10-2017-PIT-Favored 5-10-2017-WSH-Favored


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