Penguins vs. Lightning – Frantic, Fierce and In-Your-Face

Penguins vs. Lightning – Frantic, Fierce and In-Your-Face

  • Penguins vs. Lightning Game 4 – expect unpredictable change-ups
  • Both the Sun and Moon are on the move making things intense and fun at the same time.
  • Both Goalies are astrologically favored to put on solid showings. Expect low scoring.

Today the sun moved into Gemini making tonight’s Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game a bit scattered and hard to watch at times.  And with the Moon still in Scorpio, emotions are running high. This combo of frantic energy and intense emotion will make for unpredictable performances.

The Penguins lead the series 2-1 but tonight’s game could really go either way. Here is who will be feeling the added impact of the Sun and Moon’s active movements.

The Penguins Impacted:


  • Sidney Crosby is riding high and will put in a solid showing tonight. His ego is content and he’s ready to be a team player tonight.
  • Conor Sheary is already a bold Leo but tonight he’s got a hidden power of Mars in Gemini. That means he’ll feel antsy and have oodles of energy, making it easier for him to smile and kick butt at the same time. He’ll will be a solid communicator and likely unit his line through almost telepathic playing – great passes and timing.
  • Carl Hagelin will also benefit from the Sun’s move into Gemini. He is favored for luck today and will not waste any opportunity that lands in his lap.
  • Nick Bonino will continue to produce and ride the high of the HBK Line.  He has Gemini in two planets and will feel happy and confident about what he can do tonight.
  • Phil Kessel is focused and a bit more intense than his line mates, but the Moon is the one supporting him tonight. He will contribute but perhaps not as visible as in pervious games. He has the potential to “snap” if provoked.
  • Matt Cullen is the only Scorpio Sun Sign for the Penguins tonight. With tonight’s Moon in Scorpio he’s definitely feeling the flow and has his game face on. He also has Mars in Scorpio so watch for a  more physical game from him tonight. He could be very very hot.


  • Kris Letang will be playing his usual game but with the same boost of senses as Conor Sheary. Letang will be happy and alert making it easy for him to avoid bad hits, and time his game almost perfectly.  He could be key to critical turn overs.
  • Trevor Daley and Ben Lovejoy will be less jovial and more scary tonight. They are feeling the need to take this Game Four in Tampa Bay — sending a very clear message to the Bolts. Expect them to be playing over the top physically and get results from it.


  • Matt Murray is the only Gemini Sun Sign on the Penguin’s roster tonight. And in fact, he has Gemini in its home planet Mercury. For him, this is a welcome night to play goalie. He should feel a heighten sense of communication and vision. He will be particularly alert and reactive. He’ll be able to multitask with ease. AND to help out the Penguin’s a bit more, he has Jupiter in Scorpio, bringing a bit of purpose and lucky to trickier shot attepts.


The Lightning Players Impacted:


  • Nikita Kucherov is the only Gemini on the Lightning squad. He will be feeling jacked up and with Mars in Leo I have no doubt he will be contributing to the outcome of this game. His play may seem a bit scattered but he is actually just processing at “lightning” speed.
  • Alex Killorn and Tyler Johnson  are both feeling worked up and emotional tonight, in a good way. They will be the perfect offset to Kucherov’s spastic paying.
  • Ondrej Palat will have a sense of super powers today, able to communicate and deliver with ease. His line mate Valtteri Filppula will be extremely intent on sending the Penguin’s home with an even series. He will be angry, and focused – which for a hockey player often results in scoring.
  • Bryan Boyle and Ryan Callahan are both playing with a higher level of emotion tonight. They will be key in shutting down the HBK Line.  Tonight, it’s not just a job, it’s tied to their ego.


  • Matthew Carle will be charged up; picking his battles on the ice. His passion will likely manifest as chirping or confronting questionable penalties.
  • Jason Garrison is the only Scorpio Sun Sign on the Lightning roster tonight and with the Moon in Scorpio, his is fully charged and ready to kick ass. Tonight look for him to pummel the net traffic without a second thought.  He has his “go to” shots and if give the look, he will take it and score.
  • Andrej Sustr is also set to have a bit of random night. He will be enjoying and feeding off Garrison making it easier to do his job but also allowing him to try less conventional methods.


  • Andrei Vasilevskiy is likely to start. And good news… he has Mars in Gemini  AND Jupiter in Scorpio. Both the Sun and the Moon are favoring him.  He will feel alert, and have the ability to react and respond to multiple rebound attempts and shots. He’ll be quick thinking and make good decisions. And on top of being alert – he’ll get a dose of old fashioned luck. Watch for the equipment and pipes to be his friends tonight.

Who Will Win

In the end, I might give this to the Penguins because of the level of intensity they are bringing to tonight’s game. Don’t get me wrong, the Bolts will be intense too, but the Penguins have the ability to channel that intensity tonight thanks to the Sun’s move into Gemini.  Let’s see if Tampa Bay can flip the script and send the Penguins home with an even series score.

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