Predators v. Ducks Game 1 – Egos Take the Win

Predators v. Ducks Game 1 – Egos Take the Win

The Nashville Predators vs. Anaheim Ducks Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals will set the tone for what looks to be a very physical battle. Tonight’s Game 1 kicks-off with a fiery Mars trine Jupiter influence adding gas to the emotional fire, and creating lucky opportunities for certain players.

Predators vs. Ducks

On the whole, these two teams are an interesting match-up. Elementally, they have almost identical percentage splits, but it’s how these splits are allocated that make these two teams distinctly different.

2017-Playoff-Mars-Allocation-NSH2017-Playoff-Mars-Allocation-ANAHistorically, teams that go on to win Cups carry at minimum Earth+Fire combined percentage of 50% or greater. The Predators come in at the 50% minimum. This offers a foundation of grinder-style get-it-done players combined with passionate high-impact players. While more Fire is generally preferred, Nashville is still well set-up for a more reliable and less streaky playing style. In practice this allocation allows the Predators to nut up when needed and requires less “set-up” and “perfect conditions” to win.

The Ducks on the other hand, have significantly more Air sign players. Air signs are the rule breakers of the Zodiac. These are the players who prefer to play smarter not harder. Their mental game is as important to them as their physical game. These players demonstrate quick thinking, creativity and the ability to frustrate players who prefer a more predictable and structured play. The Ducks, as seen on numerous occasions, thrive when they control the tempo and emotional energy of a game. They are a team of thinkers and egos and they win by out smarting, and playing gimmicky (even dirty) to win. The Ducks are a team of skilled opportunists and if given even the smallest window, they will pounce.

It would be easy to abstract from this data and historical comparisons, that Nashville should win this series simply because they have a larger foundation of Earth and Fire players.  However… you’d be wrong in that assumption. Game day plays a critical role in how the Ducks perform.   The Ducks lack critical Earth sign players who are key when facing off against a team like the Nashville Predators who have a steady consistent portfolio of contributors.  BUT on given nights the Ducks can get huge ego and energy boosts from favorable energy shifts which is how and why they often come out of nowhere and put on amazing performances.

How Tonight Might Play Out

Tonight, Astrologically favors Fire sign players. This energy will send egos and confidence through the roof. The Ducks carry more players with fire signs. This ego boost will play into the Ducks’ confidence and creative play. Nashville however also has several players who are benefiting from the energy and will likely match the Ducks physically 1:1.

I think where this game could get off track is if the Predators let the Ducks’ on-ice presence get in their heads. Tonight the Ducks’ will have a bit of a jerky big brother vibe. They’ll make it seem as if they’re enjoying f-ing with Nashville and killing time until they’re bored and decide to just take it to ’em. They will take their time and choose their shots. This may throw off Nashville who is likely wanting to just get into an all out battle. If Nashville is smart, they’ll shut this down through speed and going after Gibson early on.

Both goalies are not necessarily impacted today and will perform to where they would be expected. Rinne is an elite goalie and will do his job tonight. Gibson has been holding his own throughout the playoffs and will be feeling confident in his crease tonight.

Which Players are favored…

5-12-2017-NSH-Favored 5-12-2017-ANA-Favored

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