Retrograde Warnings for Capitals vs. Penguins Game 3

Retrograde Warnings for Capitals vs. Penguins Game 3

  • It’s still double Retrograde — Mercury AND Mars Retrograde
  • Capitals will feel it more than Penguins
  • If Murray can embrace his Gemini tendencies he could decide W

Tonight we will see some great hockey from the Penguins and the Capitals. That said, Mars and Mercury are BOTH still in Retrograde. While the impact of a Retrograde is often most strongly felt just before and during the move into Retrograde it still very much in effect until it goes Direct. And the players who are heavy in Aries and Gemini will feel the impact the most during the duration of these two tricky planetary transits.

Penguins return home and are confident. Especially Sidney Crosby who will feel refreshed and ready to own this game single-handedly. Unfortunately for Sid, Alex Ovechkin, who is also exempt from these Retrograde influences, will be playing at his best as well.  These two All-Stars will set the tone for the evening. Deeper into the roster we’ll see only a few player struggle to get the results they’re looking for as the Retrograde continues to throw their rhythm off.

For the Penguins:

  • Conor Sheary will struggle during this entire Retrograde to contribute points and will not execute offensively as well as he would want.
  • Carl Hagelin is affected by both Mercury and Mars Retgrodades. He’s a perfectionist Virgo so he will do everything to correct as fast as he missteps but the Capitals will pounce on any miscue so Hagelin would be wise to back off and play more conservatively.
  • Bryan Rust will put in a solid showing but will also have trouble pushing just a bit too hard and finding he needs more patience and less brute force.
  • Matt Murray is a double Gemini and he could use this Mercury Retrograde to his advantage. But I’d venture to guess, he may struggle tonight. Change of locations during a Retrograde can throw off a Gemini. however if not, he could flip the script and use the MRx energy to his advantage. Geminis are tricky that way!

For the Capitals:

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov has been feeling the Mars Retrograde since it first kicked in on April 28th. He’s making it work for him, but he isn’t getting the satisfaction he wants from his efforts which is causing mental frustration and ultimately reducing his effectiveness. He’s loaded with Taurus and is stubborn as heck so he’ll make sure he makes something happen and will not stay frustrated for long.
  • Jason Chimera is Aries heavy and unlike Kuznetsov, Chimera will get outwardly fired up and frustrated at the first sign of things not going his way on the first try. He’s a Taurus sun sign, so he is also stubborn and hard working and while he’ll get fired up and be aggressive, he will get pissed and get over it by the next shift.
  • Mike Richards is in the same boat with Aries in Mars making it hard for him to follow through. He will likely be overly aggressive and get little results. Because he’s a more cerebral player (lots of Aquarius) he will likely try all kinds of unconventional methods to try to shake things up, but they will be met with resistance and could cause more harm than good.
  • Tom Wilson is an Aries and most likely isn’t “feeling” like his normal self. While he’d probably never tell anyone that, he’s got it sitting there in the pit of his stomach. If he can keep it there and not let it move to his head, he’ll be fine.
  • Karl Alzner will also struggle pushing too hard and not getting results.
  • The Caps Goalie situation is solid and free and clear of the Retrogrades, which to me gives them a slight upper hand tonight.

Who will win?

It’s too close to tell. If Murray can embrace his inner Gemini I’m going with the Penguins tonight. They are more comfortable in their barn and astrologically have less retrograde baggage.

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