Why Now is the Best Time for Pavel Datsyuk to Make a Change

Why Now is the Best Time for Pavel Datsyuk to Make a Change

After the Tampa Bay Lightning eliminated the Detroit Red Wings from the playoffs, there was a sort of numb energy floating around the internet. Not so much because the series should have been harder fought, but rather that it may be the last time we see Pavel Datsyuk suited up in Red Wings colors.

I personally give the guy some serious credit. Not only because he’s played 14 masterful years in the NHL but because he also has the maturity to listen to his intuition. His chart is filled with highly intuitive talents – most likely a huge factor in his success in Hockey.

Why He’s Likely Headed Home

It seems Pavel Datsyuk may decide to skip the final year on his contract and return home to Mother Russia. And when looking at his astrology chart, we could have seen the writing on the wall 12 years ago.  In Astrology it is called a “Jupiter Return” and happens approximately every 12 years when the planet Jupiter completes it’s rotation around the sun — returning to the same place it was when you were born. With it comes the need to expand and potentially take on a new role in your life. Listening to your instincts during this periods is a huge factor in determining why some people achieve more success throughout life.

His First Milestone: ~Age 12

Pavel’s first return was around age of 12. Likely this was the time he embraced his passion and future role as a professional hockey player. He would have felt a shift in his dreams and an undeniable surge of energy to change his life path to accommodate this goal.

His Second Milestone: ~Age 24

His second milestone would have been around age 22 – 24. In fact, his second Jupiter Return was literally aspecting in June of 2002 – when Pavel played in his first Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings. They Red Wings won the Cup and Pavel contributed 3 goals and 3 assists. This Jupiter milestone pivoted the expectations of him as a player and set the tone for the next phase of his career.

His Third Milestone: ~Age 36

And yes… here we are. He’s smack dab in the middle of his 3rd primary Jupiter Milestone. And while we could get all “astrology geek” on you, we’ll stick to the meta-message. Pavel values timing and knows that by trusting it, he can attract and manifest lucky opportunities more easily. He has been feeling the need to make a change for about a year or so. And it’s quite certain he’s been approached with several professional and personal opportunities which give him pause. His thorough nature has encouraged him to exhaust and consider these options carefully.

And because this Jupiter return is in his 11th House — the house of humanitarianism, friends and community ties — he’s likely feeling the need to give back to his roots and has a new found energy to make a difference. He is feeling he has finally earned the confidence and credibility to choose his next move, instead of waiting out deals he signed years ago.

There are many factors indicating that he’ll be very fruitful in his next chapter and that he’ll grow leaps and bounds beyond that of his peers. Obviously this may not be in the form of hockey but it could be in his ability to contribute and give back to those who gave to him.

Bon Voyage ….For Now

Pavel’s story isn’t an “against all odds” story of determination and highs and lows. He didn’t have to fight his way to the top or jump from team-to-team to find a fit. Instead, Pavel has from a very young age learned that by listening to his instincts he could attract and create opportunities where he fit in almost organically. He has always been lucky — knowing when to “buy and sell” so to speak. His career record reflects that of someone who is incredibly in tune with what he can achieve and his own limitations.

While as fans, we don’t want or often like change, this is going to be a good thing for Pavel, and as an intuitive Cancer, he knows it.  More than likely Pavel has been contemplating this and readying the Red Wings to rely less on him. He will make sure when he exits his team is in good shape. Trust the universe.  We will undoubtedly see more of Pavel, perhaps in his fourth Jupiter return around age 48

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