Schenn + Flyers … Get it Done Already!

Schenn + Flyers … Get it Done Already!

UPDATE: Since date of publishing the Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with forward Brayden Schenn, according to general manager Ron Hextall.

It seems the Philadelphia Flyers and Brayden Schenn have still not come to an agreement on his contract. That said if astrology has any say in it, both sides have nothing to lose. It’s a win-win deal and here’s why…

Schenbraydenschennn is fiery Leo with a commanding confidence on the ice. He’s comfortable with his skills and is unintimidated by the talent or ambition of others – which is why he appears fearless and does not hesitate approaching the net. The Flyers have a fairly diversified roster and while Schenn’s contribution trajectory has been moderate, his consistency and temperament has the potential to set a new standard for the Flyers’ team chemistry.

Not only is Schenn a Leo Sun sign but he has Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the sign of Leo. That’s a lot of ego and confidence. This makes for a very focused and self-auditing player who needs little direction. He speaks with authority and has the ability to garner the respect of his teammates which over time, will make for great Captain material.  He knows actions speak louder than words and as the Flyers’ turn the screws on him, he will definitely carve out his role. It’s this natural ambition that will raise the rest of the team to a new level.

Why Schenn is a Keeper

Why the Flyers should care and keep Schenn is primarily for his Mars. Mars is the planet of assertion, aggression and war. It’s great if you have a bunch of Leo in your chart giving you confidence and ego, but the planet influencing your Mars can radically impact your ability to tangibly contribute in the throws of war.   Schenn’s Mars is in Virgo. For a hockey player… this is good. And for the Flyers is even better.

It’s this attribute that allows Schenn the ability to execute highly technical or low percentage passes in high traffic, man advantage and at high speeds. His ego is tied to his ability to execute properly and while he likes to score, he prefers to make the “right” play and win. His Virgo is what coaches want — a player who makes smart plays. He is not reckless or selfish and again, this makes him a valued example for players needing more self discipline.

As long as they can come to terms before August 21st ;  while the Sun is still in Leo this deal will just be one more good business decision from the Flyer’s organization.

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