Senators vs. Rangers Game 3…Everyone is Fired Up

Senators vs. Rangers Game 3…Everyone is Fired Up

Tonight the Ottawa Senators play Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the New York Rangers. The Moon moved into confident Leo today at 12:12 am and with Mercury Retrograde almost behind us, we can expect some good hockey tonight. The energy and influences of today’s game day is dishing out only favorable energy with some teams — and players — benefiting more than others.

Senators vs. Rangers

5-2-2017-NYRvOTT-FavoredThere’s no doubt the Rangers are feeling the pressure to slow Ottawa’s momentum and close the gap on the 0-2 series. And while the Rangers are not notoriously good at home, tonight they have a slight astrological edge. The Rangers’ are astrologically favored .12 rating over Ottawa. That said, this is an average across their roster. The key players who will keep this average up will be those feeling the influence the most. Players like Kreider, Zuccarello, Vesey, Grabner, and Staal will be key to taking advantage of tonight’s energetic boost (See chart below for full player breakout.)

For Ottawa, they too have several players positively charged by today’s lunar shift. Burrows, Dzingels, Stalberg, Stone, Phaneuf, MacArthur and Karlsson are just a handful of consistent players who will feel even more confident and likely to execute with great finesse. While the Senators’ overall astrological average is lower than the Rangers, the players who are impacted have the potential to move the meter more significantly — giving the Senators a very solid shot at taking this road game.

Both goalies are set to put in their typical showing, not worse and not exceptionally above their normal contribution.

Which Players are Favored



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