Senators vs. Rangers Game 4 – Low-key Snipe Show

Senators vs. Rangers Game 4 – Low-key Snipe Show

The Universe is smiling on the Ottawa Senators vs New York Rangers Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Astrologically tonight is fairly benign and the energy favors the natural goal scorers. With Mercury finally direct, and the Moon in steady Virgo, tonight is what I call “Best Team Wins Hockey.”   This means the team with the more technically and physically strong systems will win. Emotions and passion will have a smaller role.

While the Moon is not super active during game time, there are several players whose charts perform better under stable conditions. These players are the ones who inherently posses strong technical and skating skills and also the temperament to leverage them under pressure situations — the snipers. Expect to see some nice one-timers!

Senators vs. Rangers

On the whole,  the Senators’ roster is made up of steady-eddy players; meaning their charts offer consistency and predictable performances. If you watched the Sens play all year you could describe them as a bit boring. It’s because their players charts don’t offer a lot of explosive or creative personalities. Astrologically, the temperament of this team is one of executing to a solid plan.

Tonight the Senators are positioned to out-play the Rangers, astrologically favored by .30 pt. However, this differential is an average across the roster. By default, the Senators are more defensively favored and may find they struggle to get offensive momentum initially. That said, key player-makers like Turris, Kreider, Dzingel, Stalberg, Stone and Karlsson are all set to put in unrattled performances.

The Rangers’ roster is far less structured. Over 47% of the Rangers are in moody Water signs. This allocation gives them the potential to have explosive showings, but conversely it can backfire and cause streaky playing.  On nights were there Moon is not at play, Water signs lack their biggest asset — emotion.  With the Senators putting on a bit of a robotic showing, the lack of chaos may throw New York for a loop initially but could ultimately work to their advantage. Without high emotion it’s possible the Rangers’ might actually look like a team who is working as a unit — giving Lundqvist some much needed breathing room.

What will give the Rangers a fighting chance will be if their non-water sign players shoulder the offensive burden. Specifically Stepan, Zuccarello, Nash, Grabner, and Skjei – who are all favored to have solid showings.

Which Players are Favored


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