Seth vs. Caleb — Keeping up with the Joneses

Seth vs. Caleb — Keeping up with the Joneses

  • Seth and Caleb are two very different defensemen
  • Both brother’s share a strong physical work ethic
  • Caleb’s chart show potential for NHL level defensemen

    I’ll admit, I’m partial to my local WHL team – the Portland Winterhawks.  For my dollar there’s no better bang-for-your-buck then watching the next generation of hockey talent play like their life depends on it.  Not mention, the price of a beer at a WHL game is significantly less than an NHL Game. #Bonus.

    The Winterhawks have a solid track record for developing quality NHL talent. The 2012-13 Memorial Cup Finalist Roster yielded a handful of emerging NHL contributors: Oliver Bjorkstrand (CBJ), Nic Petan (WPG), Ty Rattie (STL),  Derrick Pouliot (PIT) and most notable… Seth Jones of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    And after a stint with the Pittsburgh Penguins, former Head Coach Mike Johnston returned to Portland to groom a new brood of next-generation talent.  I won’t belabor the ups and downs of this 2016/17 season. Here’s all you need to know…

    • Johnston was named WHL Head Coach of the Year 2016/17
    • Hawks are squaring off against Prince George in Round 1 of the WHL Playoffs
    • And guess whose name keeps popping up? Caleb Jones

    So here we are again, making a run for the President’s Cup with a young Jones brother lighting-up our defense. What should we expect? Let’s breakdown the brother’s and see….


    Seth Jones

    If you follow NHL hockey you’ve heard of Seth Jones. Son of NBA Dallas Mavrick’s “Popeye” Jones, Seth comes from a family of athletes and has the maturity of a seasoned player at the young age of 22. When you look at Seth’s chart it’s easy to see why he is the player he is. He’s got a rare and surprisingly unbalanced chart favoring water over fire. He’s a Libra which makes him less of a show-off or ego driven player. Not to say he can’t celly with the best of him, but Seth is more about playing a humble and subtle game. At 6’4” 211 lbs Seth doesn’t rely on or leverage his size as you might expect. Instead he prefers to combine well tuned skill with intuition.  He is a strong skater and shooter and has a more methodical vs. emotional execution style.

    Much of his success comes from his ability to down play his physical threat and then strike when opponents are overly confident. His strong concentration of Earth signs (27%) give him that “Jones Family Work Ethic” and the physical endurance needed to master skills.

    • Libra (one of the less aggressive signs for a Hockey)
    • Unbalanced chart (no Fire) gives him potential to hone specialized skills but also causes streaky play
    • Somewhat flat affect / not visibly passionate
    • Enjoys being part of a team and has extreme loyalty to his teammates
    • Doesn’t feel a need to be a leader
    • Less of a risk taker and prefers to stay in comfort zone
    • Knows what he is good at and often plays to that strength
    • Strong work ethic

    Caleb Jonescaleb_elements

    Along comes Caleb. Younger brother of Seth, Caleb joins the 2016/17 Portland Winterhawks as a defensemen under head coach Mike Johnston. Caleb’s chart could not be more different than his brother. While raised under the same roof of an NBA All-Star athlete, they were born with very different playing styles.

    Smaller than Seth,  6’1” 195 lbs Caleb’s passion for hockey is more about having fun while winning than it is about being the best. As a Gemini, he believes that if you love what you do, good things will follow.  He’s a people person and plays a more intellectual game than his understated brother Seth.

    Caleb has a well-rounded skill set and flashes of Seth’s skating style are easy to see. However, these two approach their games differently. Where Seth will and can focus on mastering one or two key skills, Caleb needs variety and is ok with being “good” at a several things. Caleb prefers having more tricks in his bag even if he can’t execute them perfectly. Seth on the other hand would not be ok with risking or taking a shot he didn’t feel 100% confident in.

    Caleb’s chart is very similar to that of Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson. He’s a strong two-way player — knows how to score and has showmanship that fans enjoy.

    • Balanced temperament; less moody than Seth
    • More open to trying and expanding his skillset
    • Higher intellect and quicker wit
    • Gets bored more easily so likes to challenge himself
    • Fun to be with and likeable
    • Equally as hard working as Seth
    • Showmanship and entertaining to watch
    • Quick decision maker under pressure

    Doubling Down on Texas

    If Caleb ends up playing at the NHL level, it will be the first time two players from Texas have made it to the NHL. That says a lot about the reach of USA Hockey.

    It’s fun to see two brothers with such different personality, take similar paths to success. I have little doubt we’ll see these two brothers face off someday soon.  But until then be sure to tune into this year’s WHL playoffs to scout out Caleb’s entertaining defensive play.

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