The Sharks’ Luck is About to Change

The Sharks’ Luck is About to Change

  • San Jose’s loosing streak isn’t entirely their fault
  • The Shark’s Water Sign heavy roster makes them subject to streaky play
  • Their last 4 games fall on more favorable games days (predictions below)

Last night after a 5-2 loss to the Calgary Flames, Brent Burn said “…Who knows, we’ve gotta see a witch doctor or something.”  Sure he’s finding humor in a frustrating situation but I wouldn’t put it past a superstitious Pisces.

That said, as a chick who writes about hockey and astrology, even I would tell Burnzie to stay away from witch doctors and focus more on the energy of game day. Truth is, the universe (specifically the Moon) has been working against the Sharks since around March 14th.   And it’s not just them.

The San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils, and New York Islanders all have rosters made up of 37% or more Water Sign players. And all four teams have found themselves in a painful downward spiral in this last stretch.

The Problem with Water

I’ll keep the astro-speak light and get to the point.  Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios are Water Signs. And of all the signs of the zodiac they are the most mentally and physically impacted by the movements of the Moon each night.  The energy shift can be either an asset or a liability depending on the Moon’s placement that night.

In hockey, players with a lot of Water signs in their chart are often found to have incredible stand out nights or the complete opposite — they implode. They also can have streaks where they are playing at the top of their game and long stretches where they can’t get a break.

SJS-AllocationHistorically teams with rosters who carry more than 25% water signs will struggle with consistency issues and often not close out short run series. Over a season they have the luxury of riding out the impact of the Moon but in situations like the Playoffs, there are seven games and you better hope their on nights when the Moon is benefiting your clutch Water sign players.

When Will It End?

Since March 15th the Moon has been unfavorably positioned for the Sharks for their last 10 games. They literally have not had one game night were the moon was not contentiously aspecting another planet.  Statistically, that’s pretty unlucky.  But here’s the good news…

Their remaining game schedule actually should prove to HELP more than HURT.  Here’s the astro take:

April 2: Shark v Canucks 4pm PST

Moon in Cancer | Venus in Pisces 5:25pm | Moon Sextile Mercury 3:52pm

Aside from the obvious fact that the Sharks should beat the Canucks. Tonight they really should and will likely will beat the Canucks. The Moon is in its home sign of Cancer and creates a sense of calm and confidence in the water sign players: Pavelski, Thornton, Karlsson, Tierney, Burns, Martin, Hertl, Dillon. Already strong players, these guys should feel very comfortable with their game and execution tonight.  Also the planetary influences are actually working AGAINST the Canucks’ roster.

  • Favored to play above their average contributions: Martin, Vlasic, Marleau, Ward
  • Goaltending: Martin Jones’ Moon sign is in Cancer which means he will likely be wanting to be at home tonight. He may actually feel a bit moody about it and struggle in his away crease.  I’d favor Aaron Dell tonight as a much more mentally solid option. He’ll benefit from the Moon in Cancer.


April 4: Canucks v Sharks 7:30 PST

Moon in Leo 3:13pm | Mars Quincunx Jupiter 7:53pm

With the Moon’s move into Leo everyone will come in fired up. The Canucks are actually favored to play physically aggressive today which is how San Jose likes to play, so this should be a very entertaining game. Like it or not the Sedins are favored to have a strong showing.  However, about 23 minutes into this game it will turn from high energy to a bit of a gongshow — sloppy passes, unlucky bounces, and poorly timed penalties. The key for the Sharks will be to capitalize on the PP while Canucks shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Favored to play above their average contributions:  Burns, Braun, Meier, Boedker, Vlasic
  • Goaltending: Jones will be a good option tonight and could be key to the W. He’s going to be fired up and be extremely vocal about the slightest goalie interference.

April 6: Oilers v Sharks 7:30 PST

Saturn Retrograde |  Moon Void of Course 5:16pm | Very active Moon that day

Saturn goes retrograde early that morning. For the Sharks… this means a few Earth sign heavy players will struggle. Several of the Sharks pre-game routines may feel off or not go as smoothly as they’d like but by game time the Moon is Void of Course (VoC) and this will snap them out of any funk. Moon VoC game nights strongly favors San Jose over Edmonton. The Oilers have a 0% win percentage on Moon VoC game nights. The Sharks have a 80% win at HOME on VoC nights.  Teams with Pisces and Cancer heavy players will often have stand out performances. Basically it is the complete absence of lunar energy which gives these players the ability to play at the top of their game.

  • Favored to play above their average contributions: Burns, Martin, Pavelski, Thornton
  • Goaltending:  Jones will be strong tonight. Void of Course favors his ability to compartmentalize and execute under chaotic energy.  Dell will be a hot mess tonight and find he just can’t get comfortable and shut down.


April 8: Flames v Sharks 7:00 pm PST

Moon in Virgo | Moon 6:29 pm PST Moon Quincunx Uranus | Sun Square Pluto

This is an example of a game day that doesn’t necessarily favor the Sharks but rather hinders the Flames. The Sharks have an opportunity to take this one simply due to energy, timing and chemistry of the Flames roster that day.  The Sharks will actually look good tonight. Expect them to execute with precision. They should win with little need to over reach.

  • Favored to play above their average contributions: Marleau, Meier, Karlsson
  • Goaltending:  Tonight favors Aaron Dell. Hopefully he’s in net as he’ll be feeling extremely confident and likely stay very calm despite some surprising dishes from Canucks.  Jones would be an OK option as well. But Dell has more working for him.

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