Blues vs. Sharks …. Brains vs. Brawn

Blues vs. Sharks …. Brains vs. Brawn

  • Sharks vs. Blues will be a battle of brawn vs. brains
  • Blues are more diversified temperament-wise, giving them potential staying power
  • San Jose has a high-risk high-return concentration of emotional players and depending on the night, could pay off big, or be a colossal miss.

San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues is a series I don’t think many people expected to see. Both teams earned their spot but the road thus far wasn’t a piece of cake for either of them. Lets take a look at the astrological composition of these teams and see whose temperament, chemistry and talent will prevail.

The Blues’ Advantages

The Blues’ playoff hockey is a very STL_Allocation_StanleyCup“react and respond” approach. They are a confident and highly skilled team of goal oriented athletes focused more on the outcome and less on how they got there. They prefer and have the confidence to change-up their game play to out smart opponents.  Sagittarius Coach Ken Hitchcock knows he has a self-auditing, ego-heavy team and that trying to micromanaging them will backfire. Instead his team will organically self evolve, analyzing their opponent’s strategy — finding weaknesses and exploiting them.

The Blues roster is astrological allocated in a flexible way.  They have the ability to make adjustments without it feeling like a fundamental strategy or mental shift.  Approximately 34% of their players are Air signs.  Air signs are smart and need little direction. Players like Robby Fabbri (Aquarius), Patrick Berglund (Gemini)  and Kyle Brodziak (Gemini) unlearn as fast as they learn, making it easy for them to adjust when something isn’t working and refine their strategy. In comparison to their prior opponents – Chicago Blackhawks (9% Air) and Dallas Stars (23% Air) the Blues were able to use this self-learning strategy to quickly size-up and make adjustments over the series.

But making mental adjustments only works if you have the passion to execute in a Playoff setting. There is little time to adjust and get everyone on board when the other team is breathing down your neck. That is where the Blues’ 25% Fire signs excel. Their passionate Leos, Aries and Sagittarius are quick to take the new direction and execute with little question and together these players move the meter.  Vladimir Tarasenko (Sagittarius), Troy Brouwer (Leo) and Steve Ott (Leo) are like hired guns for the Air players who will set them up for success.

The other 41% of the roster – Water and Earth signs are equally important. These are the grinders of the this team keeping the play consistent and assuring risky real-time experiments can be corrected.  Think Jori Lehtera (Capricorn), Paul Stastny (Capricorn) and Dave Backes (Taurus) — all steady performs with little flux night over night.
Overall the Blue’s roster and team temperament is well suited for adjusting to different teams over a seven games series.

So how will this brainy team match up against the brawny San Jose Sharks?

The Sharks’ Advantages

Watching the Sharks can sometimes feel like déjà vu —  same thing every game. Not that they are a one-trick pony but Coach Peter DeBoer is a very “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” type of coach.  They have a way they play and you don’t often see them radically adjust or change their approach to counter that of an opponent. Instead, they prefer to just beat you down until you say “uncle”

The Sharks’ roster is very distinct and for this playoffs has proven to work. Unlike the Air heavy Blues, the Sharks have only 10% Air signs. This is the a VERY small allocation of Air sign players. In fact, the smallest % of all teams in the 2016 playoffs. The next closest team is the Tampa Bay Lightning – having 15% Air.  That said, this team has the ability to get to the finals without over thinking. They prefer for their temperament to be more of an emotionally charged strategy backed with good old fashioned grinding and passion.  Basically, they intimidate for the win.SJS_Allocation_StanleyCup

Game 7 of Sharks v. Nashville Predators you saw the power the Sharks have to all but mentally freeze a super Air heavy team like Nashville. Their in-your-face confidence and execution leaves little room to pivot. If you can’t keep up with San Jose you’re out of luck.

San Jose’s roster is incredibly Water and Earth signs heavy – 76% of it’s players! Water replenishes the Earth and the Earth provides life in return. This symbiotic relationship manifests into incredible line chemistry and more importantly — results. However, it is a bit of a machine mentality — what you put in, is what you get out. If one or more of the player cogs are having an emotional night, the whole machine will suffer. That’s where their 24% Fire players help offset problems with the system. These fiery players, can make up for any temporary chemistry issues by redirecting the focus on winning.

In the context of the Sharks players,  Fire players like Logan Couture (Aries), Joona Donskoi (Aries), and Joel Ward (Sagittarius)  keep the energy up by converting on opportunistic blunders from opponents. While the Water Players like Joe Thornton (Cancer), Joe Pavelski (Cancer),  Melker Karlsson (Cancer),  Tomas Hertl (Scorpio) and Brent Burns (Pisces)  cover the ice with emotionally charged playing styles and relentless intimidation. This type of pressure makes it easy for “thinking teams” to slip up, allowing the Sharks to swoop in and capitalize.

So how can this bully of a roster be stopped?

Who has the upper hand?

The Blues have the diversity to tolerate night-after-night schedules with little impact from mood swings, astrological shifts and chemistry issues.  The Sharks will struggle on nights where their 40% Water players are negatively impacted by the changing Moon influences. Particularly if they end up playing Saturday 21st on the Full Moon!

Conversely… the Blue’s heavier concentration in Air signs, Gemini in particular, is still being impacted by Mercury Retrograde. If this series drags out long enough, the Blues will see a huge relief after the 22nd when Mercury goes Direct, giving them the ability to take full charge and likely go all the way.

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