Sharks vs. Penguins Game 1 – Expect a Fiery Start to the Series

Sharks vs. Penguins Game 1 – Expect a Fiery Start to the Series

  • Game 1 Sharks vs. Penguins will start out frantic and end with a beating
  • The Moon is moving into Aries in the second period transforming key players
  • If the Sharks can minimize Penguins in the first period, the universe will reward them

Tonight’s San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Game 1 has the potential to take a fiery twist. Both teams are coming in equally prepared but the Moon is void-of-course for the entire first period making many players erratic and inconsistent. BUT at 9pm the Moon moves into feisty Aries — bringing confidence and anger to the ice.

Here are the players most likely to feel the Lunar impact tonight:

The Sharks Players Impacted:

For the first period a few players will find applying their normal course of play doesn’t land as expected. It doesn’t mean they won’t get results, but it will mean they are less in control and just “get lucky”.

It will feel early on as if the Sharks are “winging it” a bit. That said after they head to the locker room and return for the second period, the Sharks’ team energy shifts significantly. The Moon’s move into Aries brings out a wild side to key meter movers.

First Period:

  • Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Patrick Marleau, and Melker Karlsson will all be feeling the Moons void-of-course in the first period. It could result in communication issues and bad timing. Fortunately these particular miscommunications have a 50% chance of leading to happy accidents. But Coach Deboer’s knows it’s a not a sustainable strategy for 3 periods of play.

After the 1st Period:

  • Logan Couture, Joonas Donskoi and Tommy Wingels are all Aries with even more Aries deep in their charts. They will likely catch the Penguins off guard going from warm to hot in period two —  forcing the Penguins to regroup.
  • Defensively we see Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Justin Braun stirring the pot and causing trouble for Malkin and his line. They will feel feisty and take pleasure in rattling the Penguins cages.
  •  Brett Burns, who is always a solid performer will turn it up to eleven in the 2nd and 3rd period with his Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Aries. He has an added boost of energy and intimidation to shut down the Penguins tonight.


Martin Jones is likely to come into the game with unresolved emotions. It’s his first run as starting goalie in the Stanley Cup Finals and with Venus in Cancer he will feel conflicted and not fully centered. He also may find his luck to range from “oh, Sh#t” moments to “Thank God” moments. The Penguins will find the best time to strike will be the first period when Jones is most unsettled. That said, as his team builds confidence throughout the 2nd and 3rd period, Jones will quickly find his footing and passion — delivering a solid Game 1 performance.

The Penguin Players Impacted:

For the most part the Penguins are coming into tonight’s game free of anxiety. Astrologically they are fairly immune to the void-of-course moon and will come out and play solid in the first period – with the potential to dominate.

However, after the second period, when the Moon moves into Aries both teams feel a shift. And if the Penguins aren’t careful, the Sharks will steal back control of this game. It will likely fall to these Aries heavy players to keep the Penguins on track for the W:

  • Sidney Crosby will find he has acclimated to the Sharks’ play style and will get incredible lucky looks at goal. And because it is Sid, he most certainly will take full advantage of this new found energy.
  • Carl Hagelin and Phil Kessel will both be struck by the Aries bug later in the game with Hagelin particularly charged up. It’s as if the first period was a formality and now he’s ready to play unapologetic-ally.  Phil Kessel will also find that while the Sharks defense is also amped up, he manages to create luck for himself and contribute to the outcome.
  • Kris Letang (if playing) has enough Aries to melt the ice tonight. He will likely take it personal when the Sharks’ defense starts to play “not-so-nice” in the later part of the evening. He will match their energy and be key to staving off Sharks conversions.
  • Justin Schultz may be a sleeper tonight starting out the first period a bit of a hot mess but insisting on proving his worth later in the game. If given the opportunity, he will not disappoint his linemates.


Tonight Matt Murray is a solid choice for the Penguins. Early on he may feel a bit anxious and lacking the passion to meet the intensity of the Sharks. If he has a weak moment it will be in Period 1. But later in the game, he should find his sea legs and stave off the aggressive Shark feeding frenzy as best he can. However, it wont be easy. If the Sharks win it will be at no fault of Murray’s.

Which Coach will Take this?

Honestly, it’s a tough call. The Sharks have the potential to come in and throw the Penguins for a loop. However Coach Mike Sullivan will not be humiliated in at home.  He will take extreme risks to secure the win and set the tone for the series. With Captain Crosby and a more stern Sullivan we’ll find the Penguins have the right attitude to win. But can they do it?

The Sharks’ head coach Peter Deboer has a bit of an Aries boost tonight. He will start out anxious and perhaps make some bad decision but will be quick to make adjustments real-time. He will be the key to harnessing his power house of players for the last half of the game. If he is in tune with the energetic shift in his key players he can leverage this and take the W from the home team. But it is up to Deboer to lead his team to this win.

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