The Winning-est Zodiac Sign for an NHL Head Coach

The Winning-est Zodiac Sign for an NHL Head Coach

Our Astro Analysis of the top 24 Winning-est Coaches in NHL history shed some interesting insights into what characteristic make a winning and losing coach.

The Most Winning Coach Sign

Virgos and Aquarians are the most common signs for winning-est coaches. It’s not entirely surprising because of the all the signs in the Zodiac, they share two important common traits

  1. the ability to detach emotion from decision making
  2. the obsessive desire to grow and improve

Virgo Coaching style

The Virgo coach is highly intelligent and has the capacity to retain and use complex data to make real-time smart and educated decisions. Their brains process lightning fast and are both methodical and self-learning. A Virgo coach holds himself to an extremely high standard and expects the same of his players (regardless of their signs.) He often struggles when a player questions the strategy or tries to act independent of the team — as he sees this as a sign of disrespect.

He discourages players to act out of raw emotion and often tries to bring the focus back to what yields predictable results through micromanaging. A Virgo coach talks-the-talk and walks-the-walk and is well respected for it. They are often themselves in good physical shape and command respect through a proven and consistent track record of success. Virgos are often a bit socially stifled and lack a sense of humor.

Virgo coaches do well with teams that are heavy in Earth, Water and Fire. They will likely not do well with Air sign players as they are often too independent and respond poorly to a micromanaging style. The Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks had only 14% Air signs; perfect for Virgo Joel Quenneville to work his magic and get the results he wanted from his worker bee Fire and Earth signs.

Famous Virgo Coaches: Scotty Bowman, Joel Quenneville, Jacquest Lemaire, Glen Sather

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Aquarius Coaching Style

The Aquarius Coach is progressive, forward thinking and inspiring. Playing for an Aquarius can be one of the most rewarding and inspiring times in a player’s career. Aquarius coaches have the keen ability to use the momentum of the moment to paint a picture of the future. They have zero interest in what happened last week, last night or even last period. They are consumed with the moment and the multitudes of possible “what-if outcomes”

Aquarian’s mentor style is to provide guidance more in the form of doing what’s right vs. what is technically good or bad. They want to encourage players to solve problems on their own by looking inward to their own capabilities and discovering they had the answer all along. They don’t like to be told what or how to coach and conversely they assume their players don’t want to be told what to do either. So they lead, inspire and solve problems by giving their athletes creative freedom and encouraging them to believe their contributions are critical to a greater cause.

Micromanaging is not his style. In fact, the Aquarius coach looks for his team to bring him options and choices. He wants smart players who can bring value beyond just doing what they are told. He often struggles when a player isn’t self-auditing or requires excessive validation.

Aquarius coaches do well with teams that are heavy in Air, Earth and Fire. He will likely not do well with Water sign players as they are too emotional and sentimental. Aquarians need players who can let go of grudges and focus on winning. 1999 Stanley Cup Finalist Buffalo Sabres had just  9% Water signs making it easy for Aquarian Lindy Ruff to keep the team focused and build winning chemistry.

Famous Aquarian Coaches: Pat Quinn, Lindy Ruff, Marc Crawford, Paul Maurice

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The Worst Signs for Coach

It’s important to note that there are no bad signs in Astrology and any sign has the capacity to be a great coach or leader. That said, Pisces and Capricorn are statistically least likely to be winning-est coaches. Why?

Pisces Coaching Style

Pisces are the gentle giant of the Zodiac. They are a dreamy water sign with the tendency to see and believe whole heartedly in the ability of a team but often lack the discipline and focus to rally a group of egos. They don’t like conflict and often hope things will just “work out” — putting too much faith in the player’s ability to know whats best.  That said, if a Pisces coach has a team made up primarily of Fire and Air they could get results. Why? Because Fire signs and Air signs need less coaching, they will likely self-audit and lean on their coach to keep them organized off the bench.

Capricorn Coaching Style

Capricorns are the grinders of the Zodiac. They understand hard work. They respect hard work. They value hard work. But sometimes hard work isn’t enough to win a Playoff.  The old phrase “work smarter not harder” comes to mind when we think about why Capricorns just can’t get results from highly talented rosters.  Capricorns coaching style works only if your team is heavy in Fire and Earth sign players. Air signs will push back on exhaustive strategies and will often not have respect for a coach who won’t encourage or foster a more “thinking” team.


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