Sharks v. Penguins — Universe Favors Different Teams on Different Nights

Sharks v. Penguins — Universe Favors Different Teams on Different Nights

How Game Day & Time Shapes Series Outcome

When the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals Schedule was released, I couldn’t help but flinch a bit for the Sharks. Knowing their Water Sign-heavy roster, any night where the Moon is active could spell trouble for San Jose. I decided to look more closely at what planetary influences would be at play on each game night. By analyzing the team charts we can see which players have the potential to struggle and which would likely thrive each game. What I found was that we shouldn’t count the Sharks out too soon.

What’s important to know about astrology is that it does not predict outcome, instead it predicts the energy and mental temperament of people (players) during certain periods. It is entirely up to the individual how they choose to accept, react and respond to what the universe dishes out.  With that said, here is what each night holds in store… and who we think has the upper hand.

Game 1: Mon 5/30, 8pm EST @PIT

Moon Void-of-Course puck drop
Moon in Aries at 9:00 pm

Sharks Sharks

The water-heavy Sharks will start out unfocused and unlucky. After 9pm they will get stronger but likely not enough to win.  The anxiety of the Moon void-of-course will create a sense of disconnect among the lines. While this free-for-all energy will allow some players to excel, it wont feel organized and it will create opportunities for the Penguins to pounce. Burns, the normally aggressive Pisces will feel a bit uncomfortable in his own skin for the first part of the game until the Moon settles into Aries. Look for him and  Couture to improve as the night progresses.

The Sharks will find a jolt of fire as the Moon moves into Aries. It will feel as if their first period jitters subsided. That said it may not be enough to burst the confidence of less emotional Penguins.

Penguins Penguins

Penguins will play solid all night, unimpacted by the Moon’s move. They are on their home ice and excited to take a shot at the highly anticipated Sharks tempo. Captain Sid will be particularly calm and determined to educate his linemates in how to compose and play final round Stanley Cup hockey.

Rust, Hagelin, Crosby and Letang will be unfettered as the night goes on and will take pleasure in seeing the Sharks scrambling in the Pens’ barn. That said, the Penguins know this is a series setting game and will not play too recklessly.

Murray is feeling additional anxiety on top of the pressure of starting in his first Stanley Cup Final. His ability to compartmentalize these feelings will be key to starting this series off with a Win.


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Game 2: Wed 6/1, 8pm EST  @PIT

Moon Void-of-Course
Moon Quincunx Mars

Sharks Sharks

Moon is void-of-course again but this time it lasts all night. This is never good for the Sharks. They will have a sense of disorganization and scrambling; What normally clicks will feel forced. It doesn’t mean they wont perform, it just wont be pretty.  Moon and Mars also impacts their Aries players causing further potential lost opportunities but more possibly some chances at scoring.

There will be a sense of impulsive activity from Couture, Donskoi, Wingels, Vlasic and Spaling. All of which are likely to play more aggressively but not have the stable backing of their line mates. Taking the win may come down to how much the Penguins approach the energy of the night.

Jones will be “ok” but may struggle a but with bad bounces and equipment frustrations.

Penguins Penguins

Penguins will start out strong and confident with little impact other than a few Aries heavy players who will be struggling to not ‘over play’.  Both teams are fired up but the Penguins have the clearer heads.

Crosby and Hagelin will be prepared for an aggressive Shark attack and will fight back with execution vs. brawn. Kessel and Letang both will be fired up and eager to send a  clear message to the Sharks. They wont feel the need to be the center of the win, but they will be key to the penguins countering the Sharks’ crazy feeding frenzy.

Murray will feel a sense of unrest tonight. He is still figuring out his mental game but has the confidence in his teammates to take the necessary risks an all-star goalie needs to take. We will see him play above even what he thought he could.


Game 3: Sat 6/4, 8pm EST  @SJS

Moon Opposite Saturn  7:55 pm
Moon Square Jupiter 8:49 pm

Sharks Sharks

Another weird night for the Sharks. Being on home ice hasn’t proven to be any advantage for them during the regular season and the energy of this night will be of no help.

The night will likely start out with the Sharks sticking to their usual MO and quickly finding it’s not going to work against the fluid playing style of the Penguins. As the night evolves (after 8:49pm) we will see more players taking impractical risk and playing to excess.

Penguins Penguins

The Penguins will come in with a fairly uninfluenced sense of confidence. A few key players — Hornqvist, Malkin, Sheary and Letang will all be feeling a sense of uber focus. Almost too intense with the potential to force ill-timed penalties.

That said, the bulk of the Penguins’ roster should be playing their game with little fear of the Sharks’ home ice. UNTIL 8:49 (second period) when we will see some 2nd and 3rd line players begin to feel the influence of the excessive energy and play riskier and without a clear strategy. Unlike the Sharks, this more adhoc approach will likely work for the Penguins because of the stability of the rest of the roster. Giving them be best odds at the win. But it won’t be easy.


Game 4: Mon 6/6, 8pm EST  @SJS

Sun Conjunct Venus 5:39 pm
Moon in Cancer

Sharks Sharks

Tonight the Sharks have a real chance at a win. Moon is in it’s home sign and the Sharks are such a water sign heavy them they would be hard pressed to not benefit from the added lunar energy. It’s particular good night to be a home ice team. Thornton, Pavelski, Karlsson, Tierney and Marleau are all feeling the energy shift.

Defensively Burns, Martin, Vlasic, and Polak are also feeling happy and passionate about winning. They have enough key players charged up to take this one from the Pens.

Equally important is Martin Jones who has lucky planet in Cancer making it almost certain he will catch some lucky breaks and help from his pipes.

Penguins Penguins

The Penguins will not feel any real sense of Love from the Moon tonight, but the Sun and Venus will give certain players a boost in energy and charm on the ice. Rust, Kunitz, Bonino, Kessel, and Letang to feel a boost in energy and actually a “nothing to loose” attitude.

This makes them particularly dangerous. And equally important Murray will be playing top of his new found game making things frustrating for the Sharks.  If the Pens win it will be likely due to a stellar performance by Murray.


Game 5: Thu 6/9, 8pm EST @PIT

Moon in Leo 
Mercury Opposite Mars

Sharks Sharks

The Sharks will feel less inhibited on the Penguin’s ice. In fact they will be downright cocky. Look for the Sharks to be argumentative and aggressive as a means to rattle the Penguins. Particularly Couture, Thornton, Burns, Donskoi, Zurbua, Wingels, and Vlasic. These fiery players will have little impulse control tonight. It will either work for them or woefully backfire.

Marleau will be controlled and key to taking this. And Thornton has lucky Leo working in their favor but it may not be enough to stave off the Penguin’s Leo heavy roster.

Coach DeBoers will be extremely influenced by the night’s planetary movements and depending on how he channel’s his frenetic energy he may be able to harness this burst of bully hockey.

Penguins Penguins

The Penguins will be so much fun to watch tonight. Crosby, Malkin and Sheary will all be fired up as well a very hot Brian Dumoulin.  These four alone will put on a show and raise the intensity of the Pittsburgh Barn  only further agitating the already argumentative Sharks. That said, the Penguins have several players who will also feel fiesty tonight. Rust, Hagelin, Letang and Schultz will all feel particularly eager to start something and somewhat impatient for the series to be over.

Sullivan, an unlikely Pisces head Coach, has Aries and Leo in his key planets and tonight we will see the passion come out of this typically demure coach.


Game 6: Sun 6/12, 8pm EST @SJS

Mercury enters Gemini
Moon in Libra 8:33pm (Void-of-Course prior)

Sharks Sharks

Despite returning home (if they make it this far) the Sharks will start out the first period a bit discombobulated. With The Moon void of course many of their key players — Thornton, Pavelski, Tierney, Burns — will be working hard but not necessarily in concert. The passions will be there, but luck will be the only thing that yields results. However, by the middle of the Second Period things will start to take shape and we’ll see the Sharks team we’ve been waiting to see all series– organized, aggressive and fearless.

Penguins Penguins

The Penguins will have no issues entering tonight’s game. Aside from the confidence of being prior Cup Champions, this team knows every level on their roster. And they are highly compatible technically. They understand the hierarchy and tonight, they will be particularly well-oiled.  This will be a hard to team to beat. If the Penguins want this need to strike very early on while Shark’s Martin Jones’ planet of luck is in question (first 30 minutes of game)

Matt Murray will be particularly good a multitasking tonight but could be easily distracted. This could lead to a Penguins loss if the Sharks queue in to this – more dekes, less slaps.


Game 7: Wed 6/15, 8pm EST @PIT

Moon in Scorpio

Sharks Sharks

Of all the nights on the schedule tonight was made for San Jose. Moon in Scorpio is perhaps one of the most intense lunar sign shifts bringing out the stingers in Scorpios and drama in the Pisces. San Jose (if lucky enough to make it this far) will play unapologetic-ally and with extreme physicality. Hertl, Pavelski, Thornton, Karlsson, Tierney, Ward will all be loaded guns. More importantly they will have the energetic flow to execute at the top of their skill level.

Defensively they Martin and Burns will get an added boost (not that they need it) but they will feel the charge of Moon and it will bring out a borderline mean side to the normally teasing bullies.

Most importantly, Martin Jones will be feeling a needed boost of intensity. Normally a balanced and practical goalie, tonight he will get a boost of fire in his belly needed to stave off the Penguins

Penguins Penguins

The Penguins will enter this game with less of an astro boost. A few contributors will be impact and bring just the right amount of additional intensity – Hornqvist, Sheary, Kessel, Cullen, Fehr, Lovejoy.  The advantage the Penguins have is they are more clear headed and confident but with these players adding a bit of “spark” to the formula. Their core lines and all-star players are clear, confident and most likely not going to engage in anything the Shark’s try to do to throw them off.

The mature and experienced Penguins have a leg up because tonight they are not hindered by emotions allowing them to focus on shift to shift.  They wont be ruffled if they fall behind and they have the mental endurance to go into as many OTs as needed.

Matt Murray is going to be feeling the influence of this Scorpio Moon. And putting that on top of his first Stanley Cup Game 7 he’s bound to be nervous. That said, he will be riding a bit of a passionate high and it will likely fuel his performance. He will be pleased with how he played at the end of the game. Regardless of the outcome.


General Series Outlook… Penguins Favored to Win

So if we went off astrology alone and assumed everyone was eligible, playing and NOT necessarily addressing their mental baggage each night… the series might play out like this:
















W (Likely)

*If Sharks win and goes to Game 6






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