Tom Brady v. Matt Ryan — EARTH vs FIRE

Tom Brady v. Matt Ryan — EARTH vs FIRE

  • Brady was born to lead and inspire, but even he has an Achilles’s heel
  • Matt Ryan’s chart proves hard work and low drama can pay off
  • These two stellar athletes bring different strengths to the table

It’s easy to see why these two Quarterbacks are leading their teams into the biggest match-up of the year. Both Brady and Ryan carry only 20% water allocation in their charts. Oddly that’s about the only thing these two have in common. Here’s a breakdown of what differentiates these two unique athletes.


Tom Bradytom-brady-chart

Indisputably one of the most well recognized Quarterbacks of the decade, it’s no surprise to see Tom Brady’s chart loaded with Fire signs. His leadership and ability to instill fear into opposing teams comes second nature to him. His chart speaks volumes to his passion and desire to win, but what tips the scales for this talented QB is his Mars in Gemini.  Opposite of Matt Ryan who focuses on physicality and playing the “right way”, Brady favors playing smarter not harder.

With Mars in Gemini he can process information so quickly and make real-time decisions without hesitation even amidst the most intense pressure.  Outwardly Brady’s chart is loaded with confidence and he will rarely, if ever, vocalize defeat.

However, he’s not without flaws. On certain days, he does have the ability to get moody and question himself off the field. These moments of self-auditing are fleeting and rarely shared with people outside his very close inner circle and they are largely related to the moon’s placements.

Fortunately, on Super Bowl Sunday 2017, the Moon will be favoring Brady and there will be no lack of clarity or drive in his mind.(See our Super Bowl Prediction)

Matt Ryanmatt-ryan-chart

By looking at Matt Ryan’s chart it’s no surprise that on the surface, he comes across as lacking passion or media showmanship. But that’s not why he plays football. Ryan’s chart reveals him to be that of a humble blue collar-esque Quarterback. He’s the guy that truly believes if you put in the time, work and keep your ego in-check, good things will happen. He’s managed to garner the respect and rise through the ranks not through boisterous showings but from his ability to consistently deliver with little to no drama.

His temperament is that of hard work and an extreme sense of duty/loyalty. With over 40% of his chart in earthy signs, it clear that Ryan has a commitment to mastering his craft and executing with consistency.  With fairly evenly distributed Water, Air and Fire signs, he’s able to tolerate up and down performances from his offensive teammates instilling a sense of confidence across coaches, teammates and fans. While not the most creative player, if supported by creative teammates he can deliver anything they ask for.

Who Will Lead Their Team to Victory?

A Quarterback is only as good as his team. Their ability to complement their players is critical to steady and consistent winning throughout the regular season. Both Ryan and Brady have proven they can work with the talent on both of their rosters so it will likely come down to game-day mental readiness of their offensive teammates and perhaps even more so — the determination of the respective defensive efforts.

Here’s our pick… Who Will the Universe Favor for the 2017 Super Bowl


Who Team Does the Universe Favor this Super Bowl Sunday?

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