Top 10 Mercury Retrograde Playoff Moments

Top 10 Mercury Retrograde Playoff Moments

This year Mercury Retrograde (MRx) struck April 28th unfortunately coinciding with the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Mercury Retrogrades is a well documented planetary phenomenon notorious for causing mishaps, mischief and delays. It is especially challenging for people (hockey players in this context) with Gemini in their charts. Some of the challenges can impacted the outcome of games and some are just “oh sh#t” moments.

Here are our picks for the Top 10 MRx blunders from this years Stanley Cup Playoffs:

1. Jay Beagle Gets Stick stuck in Visor

April 28th, R2 Gm1 –  Penguins vs. Capitals occurred right on the day Mercury turned retrograde. the whole night was plagued with timing, communication and equipment issues. The most MRx-esque moment was when Jay Beagle got Kris Letang‘s stick wedged between his helmet and visor. (Watch clip on The whole night was a bit of a Gong Show with the Caps eaking out a win in OT.

2. Black Cat Chaos in San Jose

April 29th, R2 Gm1 –  Nashville vs. San Jose – Apparently the Sharks felt the need to take MRx bad luck into their own hands by letting a black cat loose on the ice during warms up (Watch clip on . It seemed to have worked as they went on to beat the Preds 5 -2.

3. Josi Jumps in Wrong Bench

May 1st, R2 Gm2 –  Nashville vs. San Jose – A classic symptom of Mercury Retrograde is too many men on the ice. Nothing screams miscommunication more than ill timed changes. Roman Josi tried to salvage the mishap by literally feeding himself to the Sharks bench (Watch clip on  But the blatant penalty didn’t go unnoticed. The Preds ended up losing a 2 – 3.

4. Black Cat Chaos Continues

May 3rd, R2 Gm3 –  San Jose vs.Nashville – Apparently the Predators wanted to see if, like the Sharks, they could stave off Mercury Retrograde with their own cat (Gnash) scurrying down the ice (Watch clip on Oddly enough, it seemed to have worked for them too. Preds won 4 – 1 … maybe a cat is the cure to Mercury Retrograde madness?!

5. Tarasenko Scores Breakaway goal Against Six Dallas Stars

May 6th, R2 Gm4 –  Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues  Mercury Retrograde clearly threw the Dallas Stars for a loop. At one point during the game the Stars had six men on the ice and still some how managed to let Vladimir Tarasenko score on a beaut breakaway. (Watch Tarasenko’s amazing breakaway on  The stars must have been aligned in the Stars’ favor that night because the penalty was over looked by the Refs and the Stars went on to win the game 3-2 in OT.

6. Greiss Skate Malfunction

May 6th, R2 Gm4 –  Tampa Bay Lightning vs. NY Islanders – Random equipment failure is just another MRx speedbump. NY Islander Goalie Thomas Greiss, after delaying play for a few minutes trying to fix an issue with his skate, exited to the locker room for repairs. Backup goalie JF Berube popped in with little warm up and had his 2016 Stanley Cup playoff moment for all of 4:47 minutes until Greiss returned.

7. NY Islanders’ Glass Momentum Killer

May 6th, R2 Gm4 –  Tampa Bay Lightning vs. NY Islanders – During the same game as Greiss’ skate malfunction, the Islanders experienced yet another delay which could not have come at a worse time. After the scoring 1-0 in the first period, the Islanders wanted to keep momentum going, but instead the lengthy repair gave the Lightning a much needed rest to come back and steal this one from the Islanders. Mercury Retrograde was not kind to the Islanders.

8. Hedman Almost Scores on his Own Goal

May 6th, R2 Gm4 – NY Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning  Even Victor Hedman isn’t exempt from Mercury Retrograde close calls. On a fairly routine clear he nearly drops the puck in his own net almost spoiling Ben Bishop‘s shut out. Lucky Hedman is a Sagittarius and his good luck kept it from crossing the line. TB shut out the Islanders 4-0. (Watch the full game summary on

9. Rinne Tempts MRx and it Backfires

May 12th, R2 Gm7 – Nashville vs. San Jose – Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne had a Mercury Retrograde laps in judgement when he grossly miscalculate his role — colliding with Mattias Ekholm (his team mate) and leaving the Preds’ goal exposed. Fortunately Ryan Ellis saves the day and picks up the lost puck before another Shark had a chance at the open netter. This was just the start of Rinne’s Mercury Retrograde meltdown. The Sharks go on to pummel Rinne and shut out the Preds, closing out the series 5-0.

10. Thornton’s Disappearing Puck Trick

May 15th, WCF Gm1 – San Jose vs. St. Louis – Play is halted after the puck gets lost in Joe Thornton‘s equipment in the first minute of the game (Watch the clip on  Joe Thornton has a lot of Gemini in his chart, so it’s no surprise Mercury Retrograde is playing tricks on him. The Shark’s night started off with this small hiccup and didn’t improve much from there as the Blues take it 2-1.

When Does the Mercury Retrograde Madness End?

For the most part, teams have adjusted to the challenging energy of Mercury Retrograde. And the good news is Mercury will be Direct May 22nd! Everyone should feel a sense of relief and things will start to “click” again for many players and lines.

Unfortunately this relief comes a bit too late for some teams. Washington Capitals really took a beating; as did the NY Islanders. Read how MRx hindered Islander’s John Tavares playoff run. 

And as you watch the games this week keep an eye out for those bizarre unexpected snags and errors that we would normally chalk up to bad luck or inexperience. Those — my friend — can only be blamed on Mercury Retrograde.

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