Did the Universe Set Up Bruce Boudreau to Fail?

Did the Universe Set Up Bruce Boudreau to Fail?

It didn’t come as a huge surprise that Bruce Boudreau was fired as coach of the Anaheim Ducks on Friday. The easy assumption would be to blame his inability to lead his team to a win when it counted most — losing a fourth straight Stanley Cup Playoff Game 7 at home. But that got us thinking…did the universe set him up to fail from the start?ducks-allocation

First off Bruce Boudreau is a Capricorn and it takes a certain team composition to respond well to a Capricorn coach. In general Capricorns are one of the least winning-est signs for an NHL Hockey coach. Why? Without the correct roster allocation and personalities, a Capricorn will struggle getting team chemistry and consensus.

This years Ducks’ roster was made up of 42% Air signs. This is an incredibly high concentration of forward thinking, and smart players. Earthy Bourdreau would have likely struggled to earn the respect and inspire the results from these players because his “just make it work” style requires less brains and more brawn.

Bourdreau was able to use his grinder coaching mentality throughout the season because his team was big, aggressive and intimidating, but we did see throughout the season inconsistent results where his team was likely looking for more vision and creativity.  This Ducks’ team was almost entirely void of Water signs, meaning they were not as emotionally vested. Bourdreau would have had to inspire passion not from peppy talks but from playing to egos and individual personal career goals.

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Through more tactical strategies, shuffling lines and cultivating players individual strengths, he could have kept his intellectual players interest and created a sense of innovation and excitement. Instead he stuck to “what works” and grinded away hoping hardwork would pay off. This year… it didn’t.

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