Did Astrology Draft a winning Roster for the Vegas Knights?

Did Astrology Draft a winning Roster for the Vegas Knights?

  • The Astrological chemistry of this team would be extremely entertaining and physical
  • All possible line parings could exceed 70% compatibility
  • Without  knowing Head Coach, focus is on balanced elemental roster

I write a lot about the importance of player chemistry and compatibility. I also talk about an athlete’s natural ability to perform consistently and respond to certain coaching styles. So it’s no surprise that I’ve been asked several times to draft my dream roster for the Las Vegas Golden Knights based entirely on astrological compatibility, complementary skills and overall luck factors.

So I decided… why the hell not

The protected player lists are not publicly available, so I enlisted help from a few of my trusted stats jockey friends to narrow the field and get a pool of players to analyze.

It’s important to note that there is an astrological pattern to Stanley Cup Winning teams. You will often hear players talk about certain seasons or playoffs that stand out as being the most meaningful or magical. Even the most statistically favored  teams loose and it’s often chalked up to passion, pride and skill. Knowing the right mix of talent — both from a skillset and talent level is equally important as knowing the mix of personalities, temperament and energy of a group of players.

Most Astrologically Compatible Picks for Vegas

Since we don’t know what kind of Coach we’re going to get our best bet is to build a Mars Roster Allocation similar to that of historically highly performing teams.

Statistically the most winning Mars Roster Allocations require a healthy percentage of Fire and Earth to sustain long payoff runs. For successful regular seasons, teams need a at least 20% Water signs to allow for burst performances and shaking off loosing streaks. Air signs, while highly skilled players, are very independent and intelligent players. Too many of them can create problems with building team chemistry and passion.

After running astrological charts for all *potentially* eligible picks (~100 players) and studying their compatibly, charts and positions, and factoring current league contributions — this is the best picture I could paint based for the Golden Knights.The Roster compiled below generates a balanced allocation with above average line compatibility.


Each possible line averages above 70% Compatibly scores. Top producing lines run 70% or higher on average. Compatibility is based on 5 factors:  On/Off Ice, Communication, Passion, Game time, and Luck compatibility.

72% Compatibility 


Andrew Shaw, Cancer

Alex Killorn, Virgo
Mark Stone, Taurus

78% Compatibility 

Lee Stempniak, Aquarius


Boone Jenner, Gemini


Jay Beagle, Libra

74% Compatibility 


Chris Stewart, Scorpio


Markus Granlund, Aries


Colton Sceviour, Taurus

69% Compatibility 


Jason Chimera, Taurus


Mark Letestu, Aquarius


Eric Fehr, Virgo

70% Compatibility 


Jake McCabe, Libra


Trevor Van Riemsyk, Leo

73% Compatibility 


Nick Holden, Taurus


Colin Miller, Scorpio

78% Compatibility 


Connor Murphy, Aries


Devante Smith-Pelly, Gemini



Marc Andre Fluery, Sagittarius


Petr Mrazek, Aquarus


Carter Hutton, Sagittarius

Alternate Picks (Less compatible, but good options)

  • Tomas Hertl, SJS
  • Matt Stajan, CGY
  • Shawn Matthias, WPG
  • Colton Sisson, NSH
  • Ian Cole. PIT
  • Brayden McNabb, LAK
  • Brandon Manning, PHI
  • John Stephens, DAL
  • Blake Comeau, COL

The Coach Factor

Normally when I analyze a team’s effectiveness I start with the Head Coach.  Coaching style and temperament can radically influence how players respond and perform as a team.

Coach’s charts vary (Most Winning-est Coach by Sign) but there is a consistent allocation average across the coaches who have won Stanley Cups and/or had record breaking wins. The common thread among coaches that win is a healthy does of ego, passion (Fire) with an equally strong work ethic and ability to put in exhaustive/obsessive work effort (Earth). While these characteristics can make for a very strong personality, they are well suited to lead any variety/mix of players so they likely will do with any group of players they inherit. That said, more unbalanced coaches need to get lucky to get a group of players who respond to his less balanced approach.

For Vegas, rumors are swirling that former Islander’s head coach, Jack Capuano will be the new head coach. From an astrological stand point he has a challenging chart for an NHL level coach. He’s got a passive aggressive leadership style that can work but requires a very specific type of player to respond and thrive under.  He’s not the guy to build and develop this team.  That said… I can’t do anything about it and I’m not factoring it into my draft. But… Bill Foley… if you’re reading this… don’t hire Jack Capuano.


From a purely hockey point of view I would expect management to build a team with a few older character veterans (probably 5 to 7) to attract out of town fans.  Then look for current players who are between the ages of 23 and 26. These players will probably be ones who came in to the NHL recently with lots of fanfare but haven’t achieved their potential. Most of their draft picks won’t play for 2 to 3 years so survival will be focus for the first four years. In the end… I bet we’ll see a few of my picks make their way to desert, the key will be whether they have the chemistry to win it.  We’ll see!

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