WCF Game 2: Sharks v. Blues — The Silent Treatment

WCF Game 2: Sharks v. Blues — The Silent Treatment

  • Game 2  San Jose Sharks v. St. Louis Blues will be another physical game
  • Moon is active today making some players freak and other chill out
  • Blues likely to gives the Sharks the silent treatment hoping they’ll implode

Coming off a tiring Game 1 both the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues will need to brace themselves for another physical game. In Game 1 the Sharks came in and did their thing – muscled their way down the ice. But they didn’t get the outcome they were expecting. Why? Well while these teams are similar in size and physical play style they are mentally two very different teams. And Monday, brains out played brawn. (More about these team’s mental match-up)

The Blues know they can dial up or down the physical play to target their opponent’s weaknesses. And Monday they did just that to eke out the win. But the Sharks have no plans of backing down and will, metaphorically, go 12 rounds if needed. Their game is to bully their way to the win and this team has the endurance to do it.

Who is Most Vulnerable Tonight?

Tonight the Moon is in Libra balancing and adding a “teamwork” mentality to both lines.  But it’s a Moon sextile Saturn earlier in the evening that will be creating the much needed energy for these tired players — specifically the hard working Capricorns.

The Moon continues to play tricks on Geminis making communication a bit of an issue. And for a team like the Sharks, bad communication will result in poor positioning, bad passing and line change issues — giving the Blues much needed openings to convert.

Here’s who has the potential to shape the outcome…

The Sharks Players Impacted:

  • Joe Pavelski always performs but tonight watch for him to be hot early on. He will be VERY productive and will post points all night but probably most fun to watch in Period 1.
  • Joel Ward will come out fired up and has the potential to score early on in this game, before fatigue sets in.  He’ll be extremely confident and have the skills to back it up.
  • Nick Spaling and Tommy Wingels, if on the same line, will create some interesting challenges for the Blues and play off eachother well.
  • The big boost tonight will be from the Sharks defensive squad. Pisces heavy with Capricorn and Libra to boot, these guys will be out for blood. Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Justin Braun will be skating and checking at volume 11.
  • Brent Burns and Paul Martin are driving the Pisces train all the way to the highlight reel. They will be putting on a show and all that will be missing is the Rocky soundtrack playing in the background. They will come in as if Game 1 was just a dress rehearsal and tonight is the opening night. Watch out Blues.
  • Less dramatic but equally as charged and benefiting from the planetary energy are Roman Polack and Brenden Dillon; they are well positioned to contribute less visible, but key results.
  • Goalie wise, Martin Jones will start out in a strong head space. But he may have trouble keeping up his positive self-talk as the night goes on — allowing the Blues to sneak one or two by him. That said, if the Shark’s defense does what they are set out to do, Jones’ job should get a lot easier.

The Blues Players Impacted:

  • Jori Lehtera and Vladimir Tarasneko will come out with their work skates on and will play their game on their terms. They know the importance of pacing themselves, particularly Tarasenko who will benefit later in the game from an emotional boost that will give him a second wind and likely catch the Sharks of guard.
  • Robbi Fabbri and Paul Statnsy are both astrologically positioned to play solid hockey tonight. Both of these players have the ability to compartmentalize and will easily ignore the Sharks’ intimidating energy, allowing them to grind away toward a win. This “You can’t get under my skin” attitude will have the added benefit of frustrating the Sharks and potentially forcing bad bounces and passes which Fabbri and Statnsy will be quick to capitalize on.
  • Patrik Berglund, Alexander Steen and David Backes are a strong line tonight. They will be ready to play all night at whatever tempo the Sharks dictate. Steen in particular is eager to put on a show for the home town and will play with passion and flair. Berglund has the potential to produce points and score tonight if he can stave off the sheer muscle of the Sharks’ defense.
  • Defensively, Alex Pietrangelo & Jay Bouwmeeser, will be unflappable tonight; especially early on. Together they will be productive and have the potential to get one past Jones if given even the slightest window.
  • Joel Edmundson will feel surprisingly important tonight and may surprise us with a game changing contribution. Lined with Kevin Shattenkirk, who is also unphased by the Sharks’ gladiator showing, will play a physical game but will pace himself, saving his energy for a late third period run.
  • Brian Elliott is coming into tonight’s game with a clear head. He’s ready to do his job and could care less about the barrage of teal blue sweaters headed his way. He’ll be laser focused and unemotional BUT his ego will be determined to show the hometown crowd why he’s the starting goalie.  Let’s hope his defensive team gives Elliot the support he needs to do his job.

Coaching Could Cost It

DeBoer is going to have to think clearly and calmly tonight to make the right real-time adjustments. He’s a Gemini and the Moon is quincunx Mercury right after the puck drop which could make it difficult for him to articulate what he needs and wants his team to do.  The Sharks are a powerful weapon of muscle, weight and skills and without clear direction these tanks could do more damage than good.  If the Sharks loose tonight, I’d put the onus on Coach DeBoer.

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