Hanzal and White Bring a Lift to Wild’s Compatibility

Hanzal and White Bring a Lift to Wild’s Compatibility

  • Hanzal and White bring lift in overall Line Compatibility
  • Plug n’ Play results are likely
  • White and Stewart likely to be BFFs on and off ice

Behind the mystery of the NHL trade deadline, lies an issue I find more interesting than stats, caps, or future picks. I’m wondering why more people aren’t focused on continuity of team chemistry and compatibility.

I’d be lying if I said that this year, I haven’t found myself warming up to the Minnesota Wild. Why? Well truth be told, a good friend in Minnesota has slowly broken me down after weeks of pointing out the obvious –they’re good. AND as much as I hate to admit it, Bruce Boudreau’s “square pegs in round holes” coaching style is seemingly working.

This team has been fun to watch.

So am I worried that dropping two, albeit seasoned, players into the mix right now might backfire? Not after I took a closer look at their Astrological line compatibility…

Line Compatibility

A lot goes into the why, how, what of line composition. Coaching staff and analysts will argue their case all day.  And more than often it’s a trial and error scenario. But this far into the season, lines are generally well established and players have developed a rhythm. So why is it some lines, who theoretically SHOULD produce, can’t consistently deliver? Astrology can shed some light on this…

By looking at the players full charts we can analyze 5 key compatibility factors to get a gauge of how effective overall, these forwards will be.

Here’s what we analyze:

  1. Their general compatibility. How well do they get along as people, friends, both on and off ice? 
  2. Their communication styles. Do they finish eachother sentences or do they frequently have misunderstandings?
  3. What drives their passion for the sport Do they share the same key values for the sport of Hockey?
  4. Their performance under pressure and in game-time scenarios.  Are they complementary warriors or at odds?
  5. Do these players attract and create opportunities for luck. Will they find they get easier bounces and breaks or will they be met with resistance?

The Impact of Hanzal and White

Minnesota’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines are/were generally well established baring the occasional adjustments for injuries. Their overall astrological compatibility average (prior to trade) was 74.5% across all four lines (anything above 70% is considered favorable). So why mess with something if it’s not broken? Well the overall average is just that — overall. There definitely was room to improve certain compatibly factors and the addition of Hanzal and White will bring the overall average up to 75.5% but more importantly will bring a lift in key areas such as game-time effectiveness and luck.

If plugged into the third line with Parise and Pominville, Hanzal will increase this line’s luck factor to 80%.  While their game-time execution may take time to perfect, their ability to triage and turn lemons into lemon-aid will prove to bring key contributions for this 3rd line. Pominville, Niederreiter and Haula only had a 68% overall compatiblity with at 58% Game time rating. Not ideal.  So the Hanzal addition has the potential to bring results. It may not look effortless, but it is likely to be effective.

The potential of having a relatively stable 4th line is a promising notion for the Wild. And bringing Ryan White in with Stewart and Haula could prove to be a very high energy line. No only will these guys get along almost immediately, Stewart and White will find they play off eachother well and put on quite a show. These two are likely to have a lot of fun playing together and as a result, they will project a very united and intimidating presence.

The Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of each line and their varying compatibility factors.

MIN-Line1 MIN-Line2 MIN-Line3 MIN-Line4

It’s all Good

With this much love on the ice, Bruce Boudreau will be hard pressed to mess anything up. If they can keep true to these lines, we may see a very exciting playoff run from this Minnesota club. And I’m not embarassed to admit, I might just hop on that Wild bandwagon this Spring if for no other reason than to see these boys have a fun doing what they love.

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