Will the Universe Favor Minnesota Duluth in the 2018 Frozen Four?

Will the Universe Favor Minnesota Duluth in the 2018 Frozen Four?

  • Minnesota Duluth has a smart and progressive mentality
  • The Bulldogs’ roster is ideal for regular season play but may find tournament style a challenge
  • Gameday Lunar influences will make coaching a huge factor in win

Sure stats are cool and all, but what I do is even more fun and, believe it or not, pretty darn accurate!

I took an astrological deep-dive into the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs roster to see if the boys have the chemistry and temperament to take home the 2018 Division 1 Men’s Ice Hockey Championship title.

Understanding a player’s emotional motivations, behavioral tendencies, peer compatibility, communication skills and overall ability to perform under pressure is a huge litmus for how a team will perform on any given night.

Here’s what I found out about these athletes AND my prediction for how their chemistry will fair during the April 5 – 7th 2018 Frozen Four tournament.

Clever with Attitude

Minnesota Duluth Sun Sign Allocation
2018 Roster Sun Sign Allocation

Outwardly and within the community, this team carries itself as extremely confident with a totally original vibe. While Minnesota hockey is typically staunch with tradition this roster is compiled of players looking to bring anew energy to the Bulldogs; showcasing fun both on and off-ice.

This team has a heavy concentration Air Signs (36%) which create vocal, quick-witted and articulate players. Complementing this intellect are 24% Fire Sign players who create the confidence and ego to motivate their linemates and fans as they head into battle.

This team projects a passion and commitment to grow the game of hockey by making it relatable, more personal and progressive.  This is a great goal for a team to unite around especially in a College atmosphere.

Cool under pressure

Minnesota Duluth Mars Sign Allocation
2018 Roster Mars Allocation

Duluth’s 2018 Mars Roster allocation (see chart)  gives us insight into how these players operate under real game time conditions. This is perhaps the most important allocation for a team as it indicates the aspects of their mental, physical and technical game that are amplified (good or bad) under pressure.

Minnesota’s Mars allocation is extremely well balanced. This mix of temperaments generally indicates a team with the potential to have a fairly strong showing over a longer series of games. Streaky players are offset by the Earthy players while the Fiery ego players are not internally competing for ice time or accolades. Bottomline…this team organically aligns itself week over week.

To loyal fans who didn’t miss a game all season, they may have even come across as a bit “predictable” to watch because of their consistent execution. BUT behind this structured chemistry, this team is made up of anything but boring athletes.

Under pressure, Duluth has the depth to pull just about any trick out of its roster hat. A mentally strong team, these players prefer to play smarter not harder and will often favor slowing the pace of the game and creating more opportunistic goals.

This team has a strong sense of timing and intuitive play. That said, they are subject to game day influences because of their lack of Earth Signs and can be thrown off by a team who is one dimensional and extremely physical.

Minnesota Game Day Predictions

Thursday, April 5th 
5:00 pm CMT Game #1 Minnesota Duluth Vs. Ohio State
8:30 pm CMT Game #2  Michigan vs. Notre Dame

Gameday Influences:

  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Moon in Sagittarius

Thursday Won’t Suck

On the whole, this team has winning chemistry … especially under pressure. That said, when it comes to astrology game day influences can flip the script on even the most balanced teams.  And for Minnesota, their Gemini heavy influence is subject to some challenging energy due to the 3x yearly movement of Mercury Retrograde — which began on March 22nd and won’t end until April 15th.  Minnesota fans may remember the March 23rd game against Minnesota State which was a classic example of a Mercury Retrograde gong show. That night the Bulldogs were not only facing a great team but a huge planetary energy shift which threw off their usual seamless communication.

Luckily the Mercury Retrograde energy is worse at the beginning and end of the transit. So for Thursday, while still in effect this planetary influence won’t be as prevalent. So don’t worry or expect to see a similar showing as Round 1 against Minnesota State.

If Minnesota beats Ohio State on Thursday it will be headed into an even more challenge energy day on Saturday.

Saturday, April 7th 
6:30 pm CMT  Championship Game

Gameday Influences:

  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Lots of lunar activity that morning
  • Venus Trine Saturn
  • Mon Sextile Neptune 7:45pm CMT

Saturday will be challenging

On Saturday the Universe is dealing the Bulldogs a crappy hand. The Moon and Venus are both favoring more Earthy Capricorn teams – which Minnesota is not one of.  Depending on who they play and the allocation of their teams, Minnesota maybe up against a team who is more organically feeling its game.

The key to a win for Minnesota lies squarely on Coach Sandelin. After studying his Birth Chart, you could say he was born for a game day like Saturday. The Universe is favoring his Earthy chart and his ability to make quick key game-time decisions will make or break the end result of this game.

If this Minnesota roster gets to the finals they MUST forego their compromised game-day energy and trust their coach.  If they do this Minnesota will win. It won’t be pretty but they have the talent and skill just need the focus.

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