Which World Cup Goalies have the Mental Advantage?

Which World Cup Goalies have the Mental Advantage?

  • Game day factors heavily into which goalie should start
  • Lunar shifts impacts Goalie’s mental readiness
  • Day 2 will prove to be most challenging for Goalies

The job of choosing which Goalie should start each night is a brutal proposition for a World Cup of Hockey Coach.

With Goaltenders being one of the most volatile pieces of a game-day roster, it’s critical to consider not only their trending stats and physical condition… but their mental readiness.

How Does Game Day Affect Mental Game?

On any given game day, a goaltender may find his mental game strong, weak or all over the place.  Life happens on and off the ice, BUT a goalie of this level should be able to compartmentalize external stressors and do his job regardless. So why do even world-class goalies have off nights?

Astrology is one of the best predictors of emotional and mental behaviors. Sometimes when the Moon, Mars, Venus and other faster moving planets are contentiously aligned, even the most mentally tough players can crack under the pressure.

We looked at the planetary influences of the first two nights of the World Cup Tournament to see which goalies will be the most mentally prepared to perform at the top, or even better, of their game.

Here are our picks for the first two days of the tournament:



  • Game Day: Saturday, September 17, 2016
  • Game Time: 3:30 PM EST
  • Planetary Influences:
    • Moon moves into Aries 12:33am
    • Mercury is in Retrograde

TEAM EUROPE: Jaroslav Halak

Halak’s chart is actually very favorably aligned for Day 1, loaded with Aries and grounded in Taurus to keep him from going too crazy and taking unnecessary risks. He’s likely to surprise even himself this night.

TEAM USA: Jonathan Quick

This unique Aquarius is going to be mentally in his zone Saturday. Whereas Bishop and Schneider may have a slightly harder time keeping their heads cool. Quick is totally unimpacted by the planetary influences, allowing him to put in a solid performance.   

canadalogo-0Vs. czechlogo-0

  • Game Day: Saturday, September 17, 2016
  • Game Time: 8:00 PM EST
  • Planetary Influences:
    • Moon trine Saturn 5:54 pm
    • Moon moves into Aries 12:33am
    • Mercury is in Retrograde

TEAM CANADA: Corey Crawford

It’s a close call between Crawford and Holtby tonight, but we’re leaning toward Crawford to start. The Saturn Transit will give him an increased sense of focus and we’ll see outstanding responsiveness from him.

TEAM CZECH: Michal Neuvirth

Of all the scheduled game days, this day is the most auspicious for Neuvirth. His chart is a perfect mix of Fire and Earth playing right in to the 5:54pm Saturn aspect. Translation… he will play well above his pay grade.

Day 2

russiaVs. sweeden

  • Game Day: Sunday, September 18, 2016
  • Game Time: 3:00 PM EST
  • Planetary Influences:
    • Moon trine Mars 4:11 pm
    • Moon void of course 4:11 pm
    • Mercury is in Retrograde

TEAM RUSSIA: Sergei Bobrovsky

Most people will push for Vasilevskiy to start, but tonight, Bobrovsky has the potential to play out of his mind. His Mars in Aries and Sun in Virgo will be supercharged by the lunar influences allowing him to perform low percentage saves with style. Lets hope he gets a chance to show his stuff.

TEAM SWEDEN: Henrik Lundqvist + Jackob Markstrom

Yes, Lundqvist is most likely going to start. BUT astrologically, coach Grongborg can’t go too wrong if he also chooses Markstrom. Both Goalies are favored to play equally well for the first half of the game. BUT Pisces Lunqvist actually has the potential to lose focus mid-game when the Moon goes Void of Course.  If he begins to slag in performance, Markstrom will be a mental rock and an no-brainer replacement to stop the bleeding.

finland Vs. 3968__world_cup_of_hockey-misc-2016

  • Game Day: Sunday, September 18, 2016
  • Game Time: 8:00 PM EST
  • Planetary Influences:
    • Moon void of course 4:11 pm
    • Mercury is in Retrograde


Be prepared… Sunday evening’s game will be a bit of a Gong Show on all fronts. Offense and defense will be testing these goalies and “how the hell did he do that” will be the theme of the night.  Of the three Finland goalies, Tukka’s Mars in Aquarius gives him the potential to stay the most calm amid the chaos. Conversely, Finland’s Pekla Rinne will be so influenced by tonight’s void-of-course show down, that he’ll either play out of his mind or completely implode. The safe route would be to stick with Rask and ride out this wild ride.

TEAM NORTH AMERICA: Connor Hellebuyck

I’m guessing Matt Murray will be the likely start, however, tonight Murray may have a hard time being consistent. He’ll go from being on fire to checked out. Hellebuyck’s chart is largely void of lunar influences allowing him to do his thing without added stress. That said, the craziness of tonight’s offensive and defensive players will be putting his all-star talent to the test.

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